Saturday, 9 February 2019

The End of Air Travel (AOC Green Plan)

One of the odd things from this week was the proposal that air travel would end in ten years after the 'Green Deal' goes into effect.

Over the past 24 hours, I've spent a fair amount of pondering time....examining how this would work.  AOC never explain the 'how' part to this proposal.

I suppose you could add a 700-percent tax to air tickets, or draft up massive regulations that would terminate most of the airlines....but what's the real results?  Some massive grid of railway travel?

How would foreigners arrive in the US?  Only by ship?  We would revert to the 1940s methods of getting from NY City to Atlanta.....over a train or bus network? 

Would AOC ground Air Force One and limit the President to just boat travel and railway expeditions?

All of those airline folks?  With 27,000 flights a day, and probably between 700k and 900k people in the industry....just let go?  What do you do with the airports?  Just shut them down, and turn the parking lots into playgrounds?

Would we ground helicopters as well? 

This type of chatter from AOC is the kind of thing that you'd expect from an eight-year-old kid.  The sad thing is that it's a college graduate that uttered this. 

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