Monday, 14 July 2008

Poverty, Just More, Not Less

The Bloomberg....aka....Mayor Micheal Bloomberg....decided to devise a new method of identifying folks on welfare or those who are deserving to be called in the poverty class. So prior to his new method....nineteen percent of NY City was poverty-class folks. Now....thanks to the mayor.....we can readily say that around 23 percent should be identified as in the poverty level. Naturally....only the government....especially the Feds.....can help them. This only makes New York City.

To some degree, the poverty scale has kinda stayed the same for maybe twenty years....and maybe Bloomberg was correct in adding other factors into this measure of his. But the truth is that living in NY about as dumb as you can get. No, a guy making $24k a year or less.....can't make it.

My dad always had a reasoning or logic for cases such as this. When you live in a place where the cost of living is such that you can't live a decent life....then you pack and leave. You go somewhere where the work pays better or the lifestyle is cheaper. There is a balance to life. Picking a high-cost area works if you can pull in $50k a year or more. You can live a decent life in rural Alabama off $1200 a month (or least until fuel got costly in the past six months). I might be more inflated on my numbers and say $1400 is the necessary in Bama to get by these days. But the key point that my dad always made....if you can't live a life at one move.

If 23 percent of New York City residents are at a out of four....then I'd think its time to leave. Pack and go. Don't settle for this being your best deal for the rest of your life. There are thousands of jobs in America.....outside of New York City.....and life might be a heck of alot better.

There is a behavior here at addiction to just staying there....and sipping the poverty drink everyday.....just accepting this and getting by. I don't buy it....but these guys do. They won't move to Kentucky. They won't look for work in Colorado. They won't seek out better job conditions in Huntsville. Bloomberg may be right that the formula is wrong....but just getting another $300 in government funding to cover better poverty....doesn't fix just lessens the pain for another day.....another week....another month....another year. Thats all you get.