Sunday, 10 May 2009

Crown or No Crown

According to the news....tomorrow...Miss USA contest owner Donald Trump...will meet and discuss the biggest episode ever for beauty contests....if he should take Miss California's crown away because of her anti-gay stance.

As Fox News puts it:
Trump said there are "things to look at," but, "hopefully it will be a positive decision.
So the fate of Miss California Carrie Prejean rests with Donald Trump.

This whole episode has turned into a soap opera. You have gays arguing with gays....Christians arguing with Christians.....Fox News arguing with just about anyone who argue with it.....and some dimwits pretenders who are uppity ups in the Miss USA contest who are absolutely desperate that you see them and recognize their importance in this entire mess.

The logic?

Either this is a beauty contest or its some kind of 'be-like-us' contest. Either its a beauty thing with only stupid concepts about looks....or its some kind of intelligence contest where you need to know the right answers to the right questions.

If she's told to dump the crown....then you might as well just give up the contest concept and have a bunch of hot looking babes show up and just get drunk with the judges. Nothing matters much after that point. Why did the gays launch on beauty contests? That would a curious question to ask. Frankly, it probably doesn't matter. You could have some cartoon character say something negative, and they would have taken matters out against the cartoon character.

Feeling Miserable

There's a book I saw yesterday at the book store....Things to Make You Miserable. I spent a minute looking over it....and then put it down. There like two hundred pages of single entry make you miserable.

I hadn't ever contemplated this concept of people looking for miserable things....then after pondering over it....we aren't looking for miserable things as much as miserable things are looking for us.

A miserable fact....women with breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide, do hard drugs, or be an alcoholic. Your kindly USA Today folks let you know that. We end up making ourselves miserable for odd reasons....some logical and some illogical.

Some idiot showed up in municipal court in New Orleans....he was wearing a black pinstriped skirt (instead of pants). The cops threatened to arrest him, and got pretty serious about this. The dude is suing the cops....asking for $1 in damages and wants a ruling that his rights were messed up. The guy felt miserable wearing pants and decided that the skirt was ok but made the cops miserable. No one wins in this miserable match.

Up in Eau Claire, Wis....some Radio Shack guy felt miserable when a customer tried to return an item. The Radio Shack dude argued and argued....and finally when the customer asked for the manager....the Radio Shack dude felt real miserable and then punched the guy. Someone in the mall apparently saw the fight and called the cops. Court case in the works. Miserability scale? Maxing at 9, I'm thinking.

When your momma calls and says to bail out cousin Fred over in the next county for a bar really feel miserable about doing it.

When the Baptist Church minister comes up to you and starts talking about the problems with alcohol really start feeling miserable.

When the wife says you smells just a whiff of septic in the backyard, and she thinks the the tank is got miserability creeping into your life.

When your best friend calls and says he needs to admit that he's been seeing imaginary people at the Post start to feel miserable.

When the relatives call and announce they've got a month free and want to come and visit you....miserability is starting to make you weep.

Things are awful complicated in life today. And if you are might make it an entire day without any miserable events. But don't worry....there's always tomorrow....a fresh restart the miserability situation.

Ban the Savage!

This week, we learned that the Brits made Micheal Savage...the progressive radio show host....(a bit radical to the right)....unwelcome. Actually...he can't enter the UK. They were sure nice about this....there were around twenty odd folks...including the idiot minister in Kansas whose group shows up at funerals of dead GI's.

The wording was that Savage was undesirable.

Savage has said that he'll take this to court, and that he wants a personal apology from the UK cabinet secretary who signed off on this deal.

The amusing that they didn't me down on the list.

I think I'm just as dangerous or maybe even more terms of progressive thinking, pondering, boldly comprehending, wisely envisioning, presuming, and foreseeing the future. You would think that the Brits would me on the list. I feel insulted and would like to sue them in some fashion, thus forcing them to add me to the Micheal Savage list.

I realize that I'm just asking for trouble. There is no financial gain in this deal. But the nifty thing is that I'd at least be mentioned in the London Times....making me a legendary individual.

The curious thing about this entire that Savage made it and Rush didn't. For Rush, this has to be a major let down. For Savage....he probably hasn't ever been to the UK, and this really didn't matter too much. I'm pretty sure he is weeping over the situation.

Would the US retaliate over this? No. Would Texas? Hmmm....those guys from Texas in recent weeks have been talking alot about state's rights. I'm curious if they might be crazy enough to ban a few Brits just to show how powerful they are.

The Way Not to Fix Healthcare

The Obama administration will propose $60 billion in new tax increases over 10 years on wealthy estates, businesses and others to make up for shortfalls in its fund to pay for an expensive overhaul of the health-care system.

The measures go beyond plans the White House has announced in the past few weeks. Officials said that upon further analysis they realized that they had overestimated savings and tax increases proposed in February to help pay the bill.

Pretty nifty news today....the White House has these proposals on be released on Monday....on the fantastic way of getting the billions to pay for individual healthcare. Unlike Germany or any of the European countries who mandated a limit on pricing by doctors and hospitals....unlike Germany or any of the European countries who mandated certain procedures and limits....unlike Germany or any of the European countries who required each individual to contribute to the cost (including the poor working class)....this deal will go after the rich of America. Yep....only by taking from the rich, can mandated healthcare work. Well...actually, this whole scheme only brings in $60 billion...which is probably ten percent of what you'd need to run the intended program for one year. Only one problem...its a 10-year program to get to the intended $60 billion per year.

As our boys brilliantly put it.....eliminate "tax loopholes to make this work.

Phase one....grab around $24 billion over 10 years by tightening estate-tax rules. You get less flexibility to minimize liability on inherited items by claiming a different value on the same item for different transactions.

Phase two....$10 billion over 10 years requires businesses who make payments to corporations to report such payments to the Internal Revenue Service. Currently, only individuals do this....NOT corporations.

So far, every step of the way....the boys have avoided discussing doctor and hospital limits....drug cost limits....and even sick leave.

Now, if you were fairly rich and about to fall into this pit....wouldn't you run to your nearest senator or $50k into their re-election effort, and get a tax credit on your property? Wouldn't you arrange some estate-relief credit to defeat every measure by the White House? Yep.

So in the end...IRS should be collecting $60 billion more a year (around year ten)...when they likely are getting less than $5 billion more. So the bucket of money which is mostly empty...will have to be resolved by taxing regular people more. Makes sense in the end.