Thursday, 26 August 2010

Water-Fountain Chat

We learned today in the Pentagon that we are mere weeks away from having those new airport-style body-scanners. It'll start at one end, and eventually be at each entrance.

I naturally brought this up with several folks. Guys didn't really care....except that some carry a pocketknife and they expect trouble with the cops always wanting to see their pockets now.

The ladies? Man....they really didn't like this matter. Openly hostile would be the best description. I told them not to worry....the cops wouldn't see their tattoos. That didn't make anything better. Then I mentioned that if they did have any piercings....that would be a major matter because the metal would show up and the cops would ask questions. I hoped to get a comeback from the ladies I mentioned this to....but they wisely stayed quiet.

Cost on this? Yeah, it's not cheap. In terms of security, it's hard to value payback on this deal or if you get some cost value. The airport cops eventually bought on this as being maybe it's smart idea.

On my list of ten reasons not to work at the Pentagon....I'll probably put the body scanner on the list after a couple of weeks. The curious thing is that maintenance will eventually become an issue. With technology, you just can't be confident of something working like it was advertised. So is there a $60 an hour body-scanner repair guy named Joe out there? Hmmm....only time will tell.