Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Those Evil "Unelected" Guys

This is what we know....the President stood up yesterday and asked how a "unelected group of people" could overturn a law approved by Congress....referring to the Supreme Court.  Then the President commented that he felt very confident that the Supreme Court would never....ever....overturn a law passed by a vast majority in the democratically-elected Congress.

I sat and pondered over this.

First, what exactly did the President think the primary job and function of the Supreme Court was?  There is kind of a history here.  All total....the Supreme Court has probably overturned a thousand laws or rulings as a minimum.  That's their only purpose in life....to examine and uphold a law, or overturn it.

Second, by the strength of his comments.....you get this impression that he got the results of last Friday's straw poll at the Supreme Court....which is supposed to be a secret....and he's kind of ticked off.  The entire slant of the election in November....now has to be against the Supreme Court, which may not be a very pleasant thing.

Third, and final.....for a guy who studied Constitutional law....you start to wonder if the President missed a class or two on the purpose and meaning of the Supreme Court.  They are supposed to be this counter-balance against the Congress and the President.  If ever of the two screw up....the Supreme Court can pull out the Constitution....read it.....and make a ruling that the law passed by Congress cannot stand, or the Court can issue an injunction to halt the President's directive or order.

My humble feeling is that election period in August and September will be kind of interesting.  We've probably never seen a President run against the Supreme Court....but there's always a first for everything.