Friday, 31 January 2014

The Two Political Candidates

I sit, ponder and am often amazed at American politics.

This week....there's another Democrat who will run up in Maryland for a state-senator position.  The old guy still in the running?  Richard Madeleno.  The key thing about this guy?  He's openly gay and around twenty-percent of his platform relates to speeches on the gay issue.

The person running against Madeleno in the Democratic primary?  A transgender guy.  Yeah, it's a bit complex.

So you can imagine the debate topics and the interest around this local district.  Can one guy out-gay another gay or transgender?  Well....I would have said no way, but this invites some creative responses.

Will folks get charged up on this in Maryland?  It's hard to say.  Normally, you'd be talking about the shape of local roads, bad teachers, poor salt situations during snowstorms, and bridge replacement.  Gay stuff....would typically be topic number 494....way down on the list.

Yeah, I guess we need events like keep us entertained.  That's the value of politics in America today.

The Trouble Is.......

Last night, I sat and watched the Eric Snowden (NSA) with his interview by the Channel One (ARD) news team of Germany.  It'd been on several times here in Germany since Sunday night.

Around the 30th minute of the interview....I came to realize that for the eighth time of this thirty minute period....Snowden had used the phrase "the trouble is.....".

He was attempting to act as an authority figure on policy and effect of NSA operations.  This....coming from a guy who'd never finished high school (GED), never finished his Army stint (they won't say the cause for early removal), never finished his college degree (even an associates degree), never finished his initial tour with the CIA in Switzerland, and never carried out his ethical charge required of his job in Hawaii.  So now....Snowden wants to be guy with great knowledge and let everyone know....'the trouble is such-and-such'?

At this point in the interview.....I stopped watching and paying attention.  I kinda noted for that brief 30-minute period....never did Snowden or the German interviewer ever ask themselves questions or suggest why Jihad-guys like technology.

At some point, there is the suggestion of German companies being watched.  I kept waiting for the names of such Becks Beer, or Siemens, or some concrete company in Mannheim.  But he stepped around this and simply suggested it might be happening.  That was enough for the German journalist.  For me?  It was more of a joke.

The question left for me.....what idiot manager at NSA or Booze-Allen....sat there and allowed this guy to become a half-wit expert at the American spy business?  His job....was to work at various other countries.....yet, he seems to be more of an expert on the US, than the intended target of his work.  So I'm left to assume that he spent eight hours a day.....for his entire last year on the job.....digging into his own government's research and tracking abilities.  In this type of situation.....he had to violate dozes of ethical standards.  His pay over that entire last year?  Paying the guy to spy on his own organization?

The trouble is......Snowden just isn't the kind of guy that you'd want to trust for anything.  And to now consider him an expert on this business?  There's something wrong here.