Friday, 5 September 2014

The Fifty Things I Don't Believe In Anymore

It's my general I grow older, wiser, more cynical, and more sarcastic.

1.  Ghosts.  I'm fifty-five and have yet to ever turn a corner and find some ghost standing there.
2.  Bigfoot. much as you get.
3.  Loch Ness Sea Monster.  Nice tourist attraction to a remote lake in Scotland with no gimmicks.
4.  Jonah got swallowed by a whale.  It's a nice and tidy story, but there's no whale with the capability of swallowing a guy.  So, I think it's just a fish story that got told over and over, bolder and bolder, until someone wrote it down.
5.  Religions can be non-violent.  Either Islam is a bogus deal or it's not a religion.
6.  Feeling safe in an American urban area setting.  I can't think of any major town or city in the US where I feel one-hundred percent safe.  After you watch enough crime reports, and notice the rate of assaults or's just not that safe.
7.  Nutritional and safe food.  After you start reading the sodium, sugar and additives listing on anything sold today.....there's just nothing that you feel is really nutritional or safe.
8. The flight getting to where you desired, on time.  I tend to arrive at airports, march through security with ill-feelings, and have this fifty-fifty feeling that we will get to the final destination on time and without issues.  Planning a back-up situation, is now mandatory in my mind.
9.  A four-star advertised hotel actually being a four-star hotel.  I'd say that roughly forty percent of all hotels saying they are four-star....aren't.
10. Universities producing real degrees and real graduates.  I tend to see four-year university programs as a Walgreens or Wal-Mart out....and a very marginal individual pretending to be smart and capable.  I'm also of the mind that a graduate in 1897 of a four-year university.....was probably twice as capable as kids graduating today.  This also relates to bogus professors pretending to be worth a $120k salary and a $75k a year pension deal.
11. Honest politicians.  It's zero chance that all one-hundred Senators could pass an ethics audit or a Constitutional quiz.  Most simply are lobbyist-Senators or agenda-Senators.....none represent their state or their peers of the state.
12.  Safe food at restaurants.  Between questionable vegetables and fruit.....sanitary habits of the employees....and marginal health inspections.....nothing is absolutely safe anymore.
13.  TV ministers being dedicated to their religion.  After you've seen enough fall from come to realize that the character and honesty of ministers go into a spiral after they hit the big-time and start staying at five-star resort hotels.
14.  Stop and frisk being a racist thing.  If you walk around a big-name city on a routine basis, and you have some worries about crime because of start to ask who was the general culprit of the assaults.  And after a while.....stop and frisk is the only method to keep people honest and force people to act 'human' while in public.
15.  The NCAA bowl process is fair.  No, it's not fair....nor will it ever be fair.  It's about a group trying to protect the interest of the twenty biggest university football programs in America, and ensure profitability....end of story.
16.  Oswald was part of a big conspiracy.  Lee Harvey Oswald was a nutcase....even his brother has admitted that.  Now, if you ask about Jack Ruby.....I'm of a slightly different mind....wondering what the heck Jack was thinking, and if Jack was part of the conspiracy business.
17.  CNN is neutral.  Up until around 2002.....I probably still believed in the great story of CNN being objective.  Since 2005.....I'd say they are a lousy group of journalists, with no investigative ability, and it's remarkable that they still run the network.
18.  MSNBC is neutral.  Well.....even if a earthquake was to occur on Monday afternoon in California and trigger 1,200 Tuesday night....they'd be right back onto some political agenda story out of DC being the number one story.
19.  Fox News is unbiased.  They pick up a hundred stories, and maybe seventy are told in an unbiased way....which leads you to question the remaining thirty which are fairly biased.  You'd like to believe them entirely, but it's just about impossible.
20.  The Bible is a pure document with historical impact.  Basically, all of the New Testiment chapters are written around 150 AD, and it's not consolidated for another 200 years (getting translated into Greek around this point)....with dozens (maybe hundreds) of individual copied documents with slightly different versions of various stories.  Then the Catholic Church picks up the Greek document....translates it again....into Latin....with more slightly different versions of various stories.  Then around eight hundred years finally starts getting translated again into English, French and German.....with even more slightly different versions of various stories.  So, it's simply not anything related to copy version ONE.
21.  Republicans and Democrats working together.  Maybe at one time (up until the 1980s).....they could find fifty percent of all topics which they generally agreed upon.'s impossible.
22.  National Parks run for their preservation.  Most all National Parks are run by agenda groups, with differing views of what is OK, and what is fouling environmental concerns.  It's almost mafia operations, with different groups fighting over funding, territory, and status.
23.  Teddy Roosevelt was a pure Republican.  You could have taken the top ten political ideologies of the time (1900) and found that Teddy had bits and pieces of all of them.
24.  Watergate was about corruption.  Watergate is an episode where some White House staffer's wife had illicit affair photos being held in the Watergate Hotel complex where a room area was rentey by the Democratic Party, and the break-in was related to getting those photos.  The rest of the Watergate affair.....about trying to deceive the public on what happened in the weeks after the event.
25.  People and companies pay their fair share of taxes.  Basically, your Senate and House folks, over the past hundred years....have written eighty-thousand pages of exceptions and credits.....and a vast number of people and companies....along with religions and charities.....are bogus tax-payers.
26.  The 2008 economic collapse was due to President Bush and his policies.  If you spend ten hours reading and examining the entire collapse.....there's roughly fifteen different causes.  Trying to simplify it all back to one person and one a pretty comical method of acceptance, and what you'd typically get from a three-minute segment of the Today Show with Matt Lauer.
27.  Sixty Minutes does great investigative journalism.  This was likely true up until the 1990s.  At that point, they became a lame group of journalists....over-paid....and lacking any pure skills for the trade they pretended to occupy.
28.  The pilgrims were prepared for their "mission".  If you had to sort through history and find the most ill-prepared and most lacking group for the job.....this was it.  One-hundred-and-two got off, and it's safe to say that they were screwed within minutes upon landing on the beach.  Landing in November....was the worst time of year, and their food supply was marginal at best.
29.  Global warming, global cooling, climate change is real.  Up through the 1990s.....I believed in the global cooling saga being told.  Once they stood up and said "stop"....we screwed's a one-hundred-eighty-degree twist, and it's really global warming.....I had to ask why would you and your genius, along with the models....find such a vast difference in opinion in such a short time.  There should have thousands of the global cooling experts to stand and say the same thing.  Instead, they all just grin, and say we are version two of the whole story.  After that.....I lost total faith.  Now that we've moved onto climate change, and dumped both global warming and cooling....with no one challenging that trend....I'm pretty-well convinced.  None of this works.
30.  We must sponsor NPR across America., there was a time when we didn't have jazz, opera, classical music, and news networks.  I've kinda noticed over the last decade.....NPR's stations have cut back on classical, opera and jazz.....pushing news constantly.  Sadly, there are dozens of news outlets in every region I question the necessity of NPR being pushed as a federal tax revenue project.  If they want it run.....dump the federal government contributions.
31.  Barry Bonds.  Barry was a decent thirty-homers-a-year player.  I think from the early 90's on....his production level was bogus, and he should have retired with five-hundred homers max.  Steroid use?  That's the just don't know.  Hall-of-Fame guy?  No.  He'll never make it and that really drives home the question of who Barry Bonds was in reality.  Sammy Sosa?  Same story.
32.  EPA is saving the environment.  In the first ten years, this might have been true.  I think their regulatory power has gone beyond anything one could imagine from the 1980s.  I think special interest groups and agenda foundations mostly do the homework and just press for regulations and rules to punish companies and private owners.....with no real representation by the little guy any more.
33.  You have no choice.  I've come to view life as a vast menu of choices, and those who feel they are bound to only one choice....are refusing to think for themselves.  There is always a choice.
34.  You need money to be happy. need some money....just not a lot of money.
35.  We are alone in this universe.  Sadly, I'm of the mind that we will eventually come to find the other worlds with other races....and find that some are vast worst than our own, and some better.  And a few of us on Earth will feel as though we've lost much of what there was to live for.
36.  Life is fair.  Basically, life is about a continual walk, where there are some obstacles, some hazards, and some terrible things along the walk.  Some of us will make it, and some won't.  It's not about's just a statistical thing.
37.  Jersey Governor Chris Christie ought to be president.  After this whole toll-gate episode occurred, I've come to regard Christie at the level of Tony Soprano.  He gives a good talk....but he's got a questionable character.
38.  The original Ferguson story.  After about a week, there are bits and pieces that came out....suggesting that this eighteen-year-old kid might not be so pure and clean.  Maybe the kid brought most of the mess upon himself, and maybe the cop did one stupid thing during the whole act.  The problem is.....convicting the cop is almost impossible if the autopsy shows the showing distance to be very close and the the kid over the top of the cop.
39.  Bernie Madoff was a genius.  There were obvious signs from the early stages of Bernie's fund, and dimwitted investors never questioned anything....neither did their tax accountants.....and neither did the SEC.  Bernie was an idiot, but they were as stupid or more terms of lacking investment understanding.
40.  Historians always tell the true version of history.  Generally, after a while and a vast amount of come to realize the idiots who write high school and college history books.....tend to lean toward their version of history, which fits into their dialog and big-picture.
41.  Don King is crazy.  I'm of the mind that Don King knew exactly how to get millions to pay into a pot and make one section of entertainment (boxing) at a maximum rate.  Don wasn't crazy.....Don was a genius.  And today?  We've taken all the lessons Don taught us, and done the same thing with wrestling, football, and various sports.
42.  Wrestling is real.  It's the most bogus sport in existence.
43.  A top one-hundred show on roll-and-roll's greatest hits is always truthful.  No, it's not.  It's usually rigged with various gimmicks to push some folks higher than others.  Trying to compare Elvis with Madonna....doesn't work.  Trying to compare the Bee Gees with the Scorpions.....doesn't work.
44.  Small towns make their chunk of revenue off property taxes.  Well.....NO.  Most all small towns of 1,000 residents.....make their general big chunk of fines that the local cops enforce.  That's why you have nine cops who mostly hand out traffic-tickets.
45.  People know better.  Around a hundred years ago....we outlawed booze consumption and sales.  It took roughly ten years for us to stand and admit.....we were pretty wrong about this.  We've proven over and over.....we aren't exactly knowing better.
46.  Cruiselines are safe.  No....they meet one group of health inspectors, and pass one marginal inspection.  After are on your own.
47.  Columbus was the first guy to land in America.  There's substantial evidence to show various Viking and Irish characters probably landed in America before Columbus.  And some evidence strongly supports the idea of Chinese discoverers being around as well.
48.  Michael Jordan was the great NBA player of all time.  Basically, I rank both Larry Bird and Magic Johnson above Jordan.  Watching Bird for two hours....was like watching a dozen fat lady opera singers belting out a torrid and epic song....weeping over frustrations and lack of play from the opposite team....and truly amazed that Larry wanted to win so badly compared to everyone else on the court.
49.  Judge Judy is fair.  No....Judge Judy listens to the story, finds either some truth or some lie, and renders a verdict.  She's not fair.....she simply applies the law, as written.  And I will admit.....she is entertaining as she reaches a verdict.
50.  Life is short.  You know....if you want it to be short....then you will feel that way.  If you want it to feel extra long and will feel that way.  If you want it to feel corrupted and will feel that way.  If you want to make it just a simple adventure, with no compass or will feel that way.  It is....what it is.