Friday, 8 May 2015

Ten Things That Won't Exist in 2025

1.  Newspapers.  Yeah, I hate to speculate on this....but getting some newspaper in paper form....will be practically impossible.  Some digital form will exist, and if you subscribe to your city newspaper.....then getting it on your Tab or Smart-Phone will be the only method.  This also means fewer journalists or more part-timers.  Also, don't get excited if the monthly rate runs $40 for a five-time-a-week-production cycle.

2.  Key Lock on a Car.  Yeah, it'll be some 'fob' that you will carry around and if you are within a meter of a car door....the 'fob' will get picked up by the car antenna and release the lock on the door.  A physical key for the car?  Non-existent.

3.  AM Radio on Your Car.  FM will be shifting to digital form, and satellite will continue on as a form of recreational communication.  But AM?  It'll be strictly small town stations for churches and community groups that survive on.  Car radios will stop AM inclusion by 2025.

4.  Checkbooks.  This is a hard one.  So many people over the age of forty are chained to checkbooks, and they might still be offered.  But the days of you opening an account and getting a checkbook as part of the deal....are starting to slip.  Over the past two years....I've written a total of two checks.  You can see them fading out shortly.

5.  Postal Delivery on Saturday.   I know......they say it'll survive...but it's only a matter of time before we add up the cost and make the decision to abandon Saturday delivery......and eventually Monday delivery.  Cost will be the factor which drives this.

6.  Contact Football of Any Form in California.  Some whacked up people will put a law up for a vote which forces high schools and colleges to offer life insurance and injury insurance for the sport of football.  The cost will shock the education system and they will ask the question if they really need to support the game at high school or college level.  Once this occurs.....a dozen states will review the idea and continue the trend.  The NFL is screwed for future players once this occurs.

7.  Hot Coffee.  After a number of law suits slip through the cracks and hot spilled coffee episodes end up in court.....a number of chains start making the decision to delete coffee and tea from their offerings.  In order to play the insurance game salers will buy insurance....which means an average cup of coffee will cost around $4, and at that's stupid to buy coffee.

8.  Telemarketers.  Basically, the skeptical nature of the general public will create a dead-zone around Telemarketing.  As business lessens, they hire fewer people.  Eventually, it'll just die off as a profession.

9.  Travel Agencies.  The folks over fifty prefer to deal with an actual person when booking cruises or airline trips.  Well....the folks under fifty can do the magic themselves, layering in research and great deals via filters.  You will wake up one day and realize that from the ten agencies that you knew from around your town.....there's only two left, with both only open Monday through Friday.

10.  NPR as a Public Entity.  I know.....people will talk over how it's been around and will continue to survive as a public fixture.'ll exist but it'll be a private entity (like CNN is).  When you examine their format, which used to be a good bit of poetry, jazz, opera music and classical tunes.....that's all mostly disappeared, and it's mostly all news.  Some brief moment in Congressional fighting over budgets will finally occur, and half their budget will be save healthcare.  The NPR crowd will cry over this and get hostile.....but that's the problem with being so focused on news and not being a public fixture.