Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Chip Story

There's an interesting story today over bio-chips and tracking ability.  Basically, the experts are saying that the day isn't that far off when you put a micro-chip into your body, and based on scanners (one would assume the state governments, federal authorities, etc) would have the ability to turn on a search program and find you within minutes.

Usage?  Let's say you wanted your family protected, and had each kid loaded with a chip.  Your 20-year old daughter is missing from college......the search program is turned on.....cops get the coordinates and swoop down on some dimwit who is holding her.

Or your dog walks off and you convince the county guy with some authority to activate a search for "Tipper".  An hour later, you drive up to the woods where Tipper is sitting and pick him up.

This starts to put a lot of missing people into categories where you'd find them in a very short period of time.  They might still be dead, but the days of 10,000 people being reported yearly and never found?  That will come to an eventual end.

The cost of this?  No one says anything and I'm guessing the chip will cost at least $2k when it gets introduced.  Maybe in a gets down to $100 a chip.

The search cost?  That's a different story.  It took barely a decade for cellphone towers to appear across America.  I'm guessing you could quickly alter a tower.....throw up a particular antenna.....and modify your tower capability very quickly.  The government involvement?  I'm guessing someone will pay off the right senator and ensure the government is donating at least a billion for this upgrade.

The eventual usage?  A farmer might load chips on his cattle, to prevent cattle rustling.  There are hundreds of scenarios where usage might occur.  The curious thing......some people might not want to be found.