Friday, 22 May 2015

Odd Prospective

Somewhere among all the documents released this week on Osama bin Laden.....there's this odd collection (minor in detail) that relate bin Laden to Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change.

A normal guy would just breeze through it and move on.  I sat and read through the details.  This is a Muslim high up in the leadership role....fairly deep into religious discussions....motivated by his interpretation of Allah (God) and the Quran.

So bin Laden comes to this reality.  Allah (God) willed Climate Change to occur, so it would be against Allah's will (God's will) to oppose this change.  In effect.....suck it up and accept it.....don't waste time fighting it or inventing gimmicks to stop it.

As bin Laden's part of the bigger plan in life and the Quran says you can't oppose what is laid out and part of the 'will'.

So bin Laden lays into the Muslim community....prepare for the various changes and simply accept them.

In some ways, he's a bit stoic in nature.  If you accept religion, it's attachments, it's mystical design, and holy documents.....then there's a master plan in play and you merely need to accept that...instead of challenging it.

It's an odd stance taken.  Basically, by Quran have to accept whatever comes your way in terms of life.  But then there are thousands of 'waivers' given by Muhammad and the Quran, where people need to interrupt and take charge of Allah's hand out punishment and execute as necessary.  One is ok to participate in, and the other is not.  One of those confusing things about religion and the amount of belief you want to put into it.

Simple Truths

1.  Politics have become like professional wrestling.....good guys versus bad guys.....soap opera-like theater occurring on a twenty-four hour basis.....and pretender wrestler analysis looking almost like a George Stephanopoulos-character giving minute-by-minute coverage.

2.  For every black guy (note, I didn't say anything about black women because they aren't getting this stupid) who gets shot by a cop somewhere in the US......there's a minimum of fifty black guys getting killed by black shooters.  Somewhere in the's obvious that no one is smart enough to grasp the big picture.

3.  If some Alabama Republican dimwit tells you his Bible coverage and how he's so against casinos, lotto, and gambling.....then he comes out five to ten years later to say that you really need casinos, lotto and gambling for tax revenue purposes....then he's had some type of Biblical conversion episode.

4.  Hillary Clinton could reveal herself as a lesbian former bank robber-turned psycho-killer, and she'd still be charming folks and running for President.

5.  If you go over Republican primaries of the past twenty realize 2016 is different. The 1992 Republican primary:   Bush and Buchanan.  1996 Republican primary: Dole, Forbes, Buchanan.  2000 Republican primary: George Bush, McCain and Keyes.  2004 Republican primary: Bush.  2008 Republican primary: McCain, Paul, Huck, Romney, Thompson, Hunter.  There's at least five four-star characters in the running this time.

6.  If you forced all 1.1 million law enforcement (yeah, that's based on a 2008 collection of data) personnel to take a drug test many would pass?  And if forty percent failed....would you even have the guts to fire them?

7.  If you gave people the opportunity to pick some TV show to live out their lives within the scenario....the odds are that most folks would pick either Breaking Bad (to be a meth producer) or Walking Dead (living in some zombie zone).  The days of wanting to live in Mayberry, or Little House on the Prairie.....are long gone.

8.  In 2011, we crossed the high-point for expenditures on septic tanks ($2.6 billion spent across the US).  The guys who keep the numbers indicate that there is a climb going on (2015: $3.2 billion to be spent).  And by 2018, they expect the  numbers to reach $3.5 billion.  If you were looking for a simple business concept with relative good success rates.....septic tanks would be in the mix.

9.  Some science folks did a survey and found that smokers are sixty-percent less likely to vote in elections.....than non-smokers.  What they generally said was that smokers have less trust than non-smokers, and don't participate as much in groups/functions/agendas as non-smokers.  This would beg a number of questions and why we didn't recognize this trend previously.  Luckily, they didn't survey drinkers and might spell doom for Democrats if we learned that mostly excessive drinkers voted straight-Democrat tickets.

10.  Finally, for years and years.....everyone assumed that foundations were created to act as charity units, and it's a shocker now for the American public to realize that the Clinton Foundation is mostly there.....well.....for anything but charity.