Saturday, 30 May 2015

Simply Observations

First, this Dennis Hastert episode has a curious twist.  What gets Denny in trouble is that he removed $10,000 or more from his bank account in cash on a number of occasions....drawing their obligation to ask 'why' and he gave bogus they handed it to the FBI as the law requires.  Denny gave a bogus statement to the he's going to court about this.  The blackmail angle?  Well...if he had said to the bank in the beginning that it was blackmail....all is 'good'.  If he'd said this to the FBI....all is 'good'.  What will court action achieve now?  Denny will get some kind of suspended bust and a fine (I'm guessing $25,000).  The dimwit (individual A that the FBI knows by his real name) in this episode?  He'd best lawyer-up and prepare for a hefty tax bill, a fine, and some fair amount of legal costs.  At best, he'll get to keep half of the money....but I bet he's already spent that.

Second, SB 377 has passed through the Alabama Senate and will likely pass the legislative process to be signed by the governor (figure 10 days max).  The more marriage licenses.  A county clerk will only be able to issue a marriage contract (between two individuals, with sex not really part of the situation).  It's a fake way of fixing the whole problem.  Without the license wording.....there's no need for a judge of any county to be involved.  A clerk would handle the whole thing.  As for the strength of the contract versus the license?  Basically the same thing.....a word game at best.  Oddly, you could have two straight women (NOT lesbians) now agree to join up and get a marriage contract for mutual benefit of getting a house or aiding each other in older age.

Third, I noticed this week....several news media folks got hostile over Hillary's fake southern accent.  To be honest.....Hillary, Bill and President Obama.....all use the fake southern accent at various times.  Bill's accent is maybe fifty-percent fake......he uses it so much that it's almost his normal accent.  President Obama's fake southern accent?  He uses it maybe twice a month....always in a speech to some southern's fairly fake and you know it.  As for Hillary?  She gives such a fake accent, that you almost think she's a Romanian resident attempting a fake southern accent.

Fourth and final, Brazil entertainment folks have put together a new soap opera for TV purposes.  The deal?  All tied to the Bible era.  Yeah.....stuff out of the old Testament.....written into a script and acted out for TV purposes.  The odd thing?  Folks are watching it.  It's making money.