Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Times Story

Back in 2015, I came across a fair amount of analysis over the financial status of the New York Times.  You can go back almost a decade into the past at that point and see various mistakes of the NYT's and their inability to survive.

I sat this morning and read through a NY Post article...a massive journalist release is likely to occur in the very near future with the Times.  It wasn't just enough to go after editors....there are more people on the list to let go.

The two essential problems in my belief?  First, the Times is attempting to survive in a high-cost environment.  They are stuck....they can't move the newspaper out of NY some lesser or cheaper location.  If you go down the list of have to pay them for the lifestyle of living in NY City....which isn't cheap.

Second, the Times became over the past two or three decades....a lesser news journal.  The agenda business became more pro-Democrat than analysis over both political parties.  People reached a stage by 2010 in seeing the Times as a lobbyist unit, than a newspaper.

In some ways, the Times is going along the same path as the Washington Post, the Newsweek Magazine, and Time....along with dozens of newspaper across the US.  The customer base lost interest in supporting them.