Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Trump News Network

I spent a few days in the US.....at various airports and two hotels, and probably had seven hours of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.  So I made ten observations:

1.  Both MSNBC and CNN are surviving off 50-percent Trump-news.  Doesn't matter what time of day....they are both covering Trump, Trump-associates, and Trump news (healthcare, foreign policy, etc).  For CNN, they can't go more than 10 minutes....without a Trump comment or negative report.

2.  I would suggest that CNN now has around 600 'Trump-experts' who rotate throughout the day and fill in the gap with Trump news.  Oddly, none of them are regular people, barbers, diesel mechanics, farmers, or landscapers.  It gets to being noticeable after a while.

3.  You would think that there's just about nothing much happening in the world.....except Trump, if you watch MSNBC or CNN.

4.  They continue to slide mental-health experts into the conversation and they want to provide analysis....which could be a reportable item to some state medical accreditation association sooner or later.  These guys don't seem to worry about it but you can lose your license if you talk in a public way about a guy and you haven't personally examined him or her up close.

5.  "Anonymous sources" gets used an awful lot.  I'm waiting on someone to say the anonymous source to an anonymous source....says Trump did such-and-such.

6.  Political burn-out?  You can probably carry this 'over-load' for maybe a year....but I don't see how your advertising folks would keep buying into this news item for long-term.

7.  All this chatter on Twitter and social media comments by Trump?  Here's the thing......there are probably 500,000 people o Twitter or social media who probably ought to be kicked off or terminated from public comments.  If some idiot wants to make the Trump the target.....I'd broaden this out and just fire a bunch of accounts.

8.  On Trump health-care news.  It's just odd that none of these network news folks are actually talking to regular people.  You notice this a lot.  MSNBC and CNN want to stay with either lobbyists, political folks or journalists.

9.  If you stand around at airports....people are gazing at the large-screen TVs and making commentary....but in Detroit, Nashville and Atlanta (where waited on flights)....this was mostly negative conversations about the networks.

10.  You have to admire the news management folks in one way....they've taken a topic and convinced the journalists to stick with it....even when it's barely worth reporting.