Monday, 17 July 2017

Delta and the Stupid Seat Story

At some point in the last week, Ann Coulter was supposed to be flying Delta Airlines, with a extra-purchased deal.....a premium seat.  This generally means you get three inches more of legroom, and the ability to board early.  So as she arrived....Delta dumped her out of the seat.  Reason?  Unknown.  Delta doesn't give any explanation....except they are angry over her Twitter talk, and basically they offered her the $30 back for the premium cost.

I had to fly Delta a couple of weeks ago, and went through the same you want to buy the legroom?  Flying from Germany into the US....I said no.  I probably regret that to some degree but it seemed crazy to around $90 for this 3 inches of extra room.  On the way back from Atlanta to Germany?  Yeah, I paid the $90, and got the premium economy seat.

For years and didn't think much about this business.  You had had two typical or business/first class.

In the last seven years, I've noticed at least a dozen different gimmicks.  Bags on stateside flights?  Now $25 or a full-ticket (not the discount ticket).  If they could charge for the toilet usage.....they probably would do it.

Between the TSA folks, the border control gang, and the airlines....they've all worked hard to make flying a miserable experience.  But then I'd have to include regular people on this problem as well.  I sat and watched some lady who got bumped off a flight about six years ago.  She went into some childish tirade and I thought for sure that the cops would get called.  I sat and watched some older guy who'd consumed a fair amount of booze at Atlanta's airport bar, try to enter and sit in four different (but incorrect) seats before the stewardess pushed him into the right seat.

To be honest, if I lived in the US, and had to travel somewhere....I'd prefer to just get into a car, and waste a day or two of driving to get there and avoid the airport stress and the TSA security game.

As for Delta and this Coulter episode?  Delta might like to sit down and analyze how Coulter had purchased the seat ahead of time and how their system 'dumped' the purchased seat.  It ought to be near-impossible to occur unless you got some air-marshal to arrive.  Based on the picture of the gal who ended up in the wasn't a air-marshal.  No, the system wouldn't dump the premium payer for a Delta pilot/stewardess either.  So, there's almost no way to make this occur....unless you just wanted Coulter to lose the premium seat.  Course, you wouldn't be that stupid now.....would you, Delta?