Wednesday, 19 July 2017

'Unproductive' Congress Topic

Yesterday, it came out that Congress and the Senate have been noted as the most 'unproductive' of the past 164 years.  I think most people would sit and admit that they aren't shocked (doesn't matter if they are Republican or Democrat).

The GOP?  For eight lousy years, they 'talked' and 'talked'.  They were going to do this.  They were going to do that.  So now....a majority in the House and Senate, with the President ready to sign?  They can't do anything?

My gut-feeling is that you probably need to flip out or 'fire' about ten Republican Senators.  It doesn't matter if they get replaced by Republican or Democrat folks....just that they need to go back home and sell used cars or manage some casino-hotel operation.  If there ever were a reason to have term limits.....I think this period of 2017 proves the point.

The rest of 2017?  I deem it mostly a failure.

My advice for Trump:

1.  Go and hire up a Senate-manager for the White House.  Find some guy who would do Mitch McConnell's work for him.  Build a database of the GOP senators and their likes/dislikes, and promises to their state folks for the election campaign.  Dangle the database in front of them and remind them of what they promised and how it might be used.

2.  Go and find five Democratic Senators in serious election trouble for 2018.  Put some emphasis into defeating those five.  Gain the five seats, and then tell the loser five GOP folks who always say 'no' just go and sit in the don't need them.  Make this a show item for the rest that you can defeat the Democrats and bring fresh blood into the Senate.

3.  Hire up one single guy to talk over GOP Senators on the news media.  Yes, I'm talking about Newt.  Let him make some blunt and pointed comments at promises made back in the home states.