Friday, 28 July 2017

A College Club Story

I noted Swarthmore College in the news this week.

Swarthmore is a unique college.....private operation....costing $66,000 a year for tuition and board.  Yeah, it is one of the more expensive colleges in America.  It's about ten miles out of Philly and one of those has a character to it.  Starting out as a Quaker has grown quiet a bit.

This of the clubs from the campus noted their demise....the Anti-Capitalist Collective.  The last of the members of the university club simply said that there were unique problems with anti-capitalism....including classism, and racism.

I sat and pondered this situation.  Your dad has to cough up a minimum of $ another $20k yearly to cover your car, fuel, beer, pizza, and proper clothing.  All total, I'd take a guess that you need $350,000 for the degree and life experience.

My guess....over the decades, and out of 1,500 students on average....there were always a dozen individuals who were real members.  Most had parents who were wealthy and this anti-capitalist club was just a joke to some, and maybe taken serious by a handful who felt they could change the world.

It probably wasn't something that you bragged about to dad, or wrote into your resume later in life.