Monday, 31 July 2017

Just Another Show

HBO has decided to fund up a mini-series of sorts....which basically says the Civil War never occurred, and life went on....with slavery or some form of slavery still in existence today.  A number of people have issues with this....for various reasons.

Some's fake history at best.  Some suggest that it's dragging up a serious event from the past that was wrapped up in 1865.

I sat and pondered over this.

The truth is that TV studios are running out of material for 'entertaining' the public.  They've done the talking house show, the genie in the bottle show, the secret agent routine, the alien visiting Earth routine, and even the dating game show. Somewhere along the way, they introduced us to a high school science instructor who made meth, a New Jersey mobster, the brothers Cartwright, a pitcher-turned-bartender, and a sheriff with a remarkable deputy who carried one single bullet in his pocket for his gun.

The idea now is that you will introduce some fake element of history and try to sell people on this as some form of serious entertainment.

Yes, they could have selected Hitler's one-year period between the end of the war and his first speech with the Nazi Party.  Yes, they could have sat down and covered the great friendship of Teddy Roosevelt and Taft, explaining how the friendship fell apart.  Yes, they could have covered the 1929 stock collapse and explain it in rich detail.

The slavery show?  I think it'll probably last through one season, with thousands asking what the real purpose behind the show is about....with a fictional-like setting and no real end-result.  The thing....we are stuck in a time-warp type situation....with no real inspiration to produce creativity.  Taking fake history is about the only theme left.  It's kinda sad....people can't seem to think outside of the box.