Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Magnum P-I and My 'Reboot' Suggestion

From 1980 to 1988....Magnum P I ran as a weekly series off CBS.  In an average year....I probably watched a dozen-odd shows, and will admit that by the 4th season....it was a fairly lame script.  My curiosity?  This Robin Masters character.

By the end of the third season....every time this Masters character was brought up....it bothered me that you never met the guy.

By the last season, then you came to this odd sequence where you knew that Magnum was Robin Masters.

So, onto my 'reboot' idea.

1.  An estate exists in Hawaii....it's been bought by 'Robin Masters'.  Over a decade, Masters has turned out five or six books which are highly read.  Masters submitted the first book to a publisher and it was accepted, but Masters dictated that he wasn't to be seen or meet with any member of the publishing crowd.  The estate is uniquely built....with historical themes and antiques throughout the place.  There's been two previous managers of the estate.  Each would explain that they applied for the job, and did a telephonic interview.  Then each would explain that while the manager of the estate....they've never met the guy.

2.  So manager number three shows up....a French guy (instead of a Brit) who spent five or six years in the Foreign Legion, and fell from 'grace'.  We are never told how he fell from Grace, or how he got picked up three years prior to manage a pub in Ottawa.  There's a grounds-keeper from New Jersey (an actual former mafia guy with Identity Protection), who likes landscaping, blackjack, fancy shoes, and seems to have killed a few people in his life.  There's a New York literary proof-reader gal with an attitude problem and loves mystery novels.  And there's a Japanese car mechanic female rounding out the Master's staff....who is mostly there to serve as a pain for everyone else on the grounds.  Everyone in a sense....is a broken individual in need of a restart.

3.  The Magnum character is then introduced.  Masters hires him through another telephonic interview and is there as a agent to review public news episodes where a mystery exists.

4.  About halfway through my season, it will be painfully obvious that the Magnum character is not the Robin Masters character, and he is now starting to suspect each of the four other individuals on the estate are secretly Robin Masters.

5.  In my scenario....along about the 2nd season....you lay out this curious suggestion that Robin Masters isn't a real individual....that he might be just a creation....then you come to realize that the stories that he reviews in a typical day....amount to 10,000 stories....something that a typical human being can't accomplish. So the obvious card is laid down...Robin Masters is a AI-creation, simply a computer program which has gone past it's intended creation....writing not just code, but mystery books (successfully)....creating a corporation....spending money....and seeking to go beyond anything that the original writer of the code intended.

6.  Along about the fifth season, you start to introduce some code-writer into two or three stories, and the Magnum character and the literary proof-reader note that the guy acts a great deal like Robin Masters.  By the end of the season, the two sit there in disbelief because Robin simply isn't a real human, and the question of where this story goes...will turn and twist the sixth season.