Saturday, 12 August 2017

Five Observations

1.  If you pulled out historical news for the past twenty-five will generally note that about every four years....there's some crisis with North Korea. repeats over and over.  Everyone gets hyped up, and then some some Jimmy Carter-type character who fixes this up by offering North Korea something to back-down and become 'friendly'.  Clinton, Bush, and Obama....repeat after repeat.  Oddly, Trump hasn't read the script and appears to be allowing North Korea to go as far as they desire.

2.  The Wall Street Journal hyped up some story that they'd heard that the US (Trump) might be planning a Venezuela invasion. This basically came from some Q and A session and someone just casually asked the President about US options, and he just said nothing has been ruled out.  How you get to the invasion idea is pretty amusing.  If some idiot asked the President about the status with Canada.....he might respond that nothing has been ruled out, and then you'd have to assume that we might be invading Canada as well.

3. Opioid crisis and emergency.  The President now says that this is a national crisis, and there will be a national policy set for this.  So, you sit and ponder upon this.  What will unfold is some harsh and stringent rules on doctors and how they can prescribe pain-killer a small span of six months....doctors will wake up and realize that their license to practice is at risk and massive curtailment will occur.  But you have to ask yourself.....all these people....listed at 2-million in 2014 and likely today to be near 4-million....will not be able to walk away from their daily requirement.  So what happens next?  Massive turn to Heroin.  If you were a dealer, you need to plan on a massive shipment in six to eight months, and your customer market doubling and tripling overnight.

4.  Google brand diminishing.  If you had to go and look at the top one-hundred brand-names in existence in the US today....the one that I'd suggest as set to Google.  This whole discussion of some Animal Farm-like mentality existing there....makes the core or leadership of the organization look ineffective and immature.  Maybe they can shift and climb out of this mess, but I kinda doubt it.

5.  Kid Rock advancing on Senate race.  If you went back two years ago and suggested that Kid Rock would run for the Michigan office and be considered a serious candidate....I would have laughed.  Today, he's rock-solid on the minds of half of Michigan.  The thing you have to consider....if he wins....then what?  Will there be a dozen-odd characters appear and start to use the same idea to run in other Senate races (The Rock, The Undertaker, Brittney Spears, Brett Favre, Johnny Bench, etc)?