Thursday, 17 August 2017


I have this idea for a business.

I'd take a new truck, and attach a fairly good crane onto pick-up Civil War statues for cities and parks.  You'd call up....give an estimate on the weight and size....maybe a picture....we'd give you an estimate (always in the $5,000 to $10,000 range).

We'd do the service at night....mostly around midnight to 4AM.

We'd handle the disposal....probably driving to some rural valley of Alabama and just dumping it into a field.

MRBU.  I'd run the company with a max of three guys....mostly all former Army or Marines.

The thing about this is that eventually....twenty years down the line, some interest would come up on such-and-such statue, with some folks wondering about it's location.  I'd let people know that for a price (usually $5,000 to $10,000)....I'd sell it to them and deliver to their property.  So I'd get the business....going and coming.

The Numbers Question

What is the actual quantity of Klan members, Nazis, the United States?

This is one of those oddball questions that might shock most folks.

For Klan membership....most people who are into the topic will say that the Klan has drawn down to membership organizations in roughly 22 states (more or less).  Actual member numbers gets sketchy.....but 8,000 appears to be high number thrown around.  Yes, just 8,000.

Historically for the Klan....their big period was in the 1910 to 1930 period, with what was estimated at roughly four million members.

The Nazis?  Well, this gets to being a very drawn out affair because various other groups are often thrown into this listing....mostly under the listing of white-supremacy or Aryan Nation types.  In recent weeks, the news media has even tried to throw Alt-Right into the same mixture.  If you go strictly Nazis and Aryan Nation/supremacy's probably less than 10,000 members nation-wide, and maybe another 20,000 who might have some rare or occasional intersest.  This topic....I will debatable.  You could have people who think in this direction but aren't members and might only show up for one event or demonstration per year.

So this whole hyped up sense that we have today is about twenty-odd-thousand people out of 300-million residents?  Yeah....that's the size of this issue.

To be honest....on the bean-counting game....there are probably more meth-dealers in America, than the Klan-Nazi crowd.

The Alt-Right crowd?  This gets into various interpretations and the news media makes it more of a amusing topic than a serious topic.  There aren't real organizations or's just a loose-fitting group of individuals that might show up on one Saturday for a march, and then just disappear for six months.