Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Trump, 2020, and the Five Trump-Cards

This is my script on how the next three years will play out.

1.  Trump will give the government of Mexico and Canada an invitation to discuss NAFTA, version 2.  Neither will agree to meet.  So Trump sets up the schedule to terminate NAFTA by summer of 2018.  This naturally gets the Democratic Senators and at least 15 GOP Senators in a very negative attitude.

2.  Trump notes the 15 GOP Senators and prepares a list of negative support for those Senators, particularly in the November 2018 election period.

3.  The three top Democratic candidates are: Senator Kamala Harris of California, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia. In the primary season....McAuliffe ought to be able to win Iowa and New Hampshire easily....then stall.  The remainder of this primary season will be mostly a fifty-fifty split between Harris and Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg's debate skills will be his weakest point, but he'll have political activist on every campus in hopes of recruit most youth votes his way.  I also anticipate some students will be caught as dual-voters and find that this brings a hefty fine.

4.  I expect McConnell, McCain and at least five major GOP Senators to push funding toward a competitor against President Trump. All seven will deemed as lost to the GOP party and it'll be a 'truth-test of some type if your state representatives or Senators stand against the seven.

5.  The attempt to fix or rebuild the tax base?  Total failure.  You can thank both McCain and McConnell for their efforts.

6.  The repair to the Obama health care system?  It will NOT happen in 2017, 2018, or 2019.  By spring of least another two-million people will have quit the system, and most journalists will agree that the system is now completely unaffordable.  Yet fixing it under Trump will not be acceptable.

7.  The Democratic Primary will end with either Zuckerberg or Harris promising things to McAuliffe....probably allowing him to be the future Secretary of his votes.

8.  An odd investigation will conclude by summer of 2018 that at least one million votes in the US will be suspect (dual-voting, dead-voters, illegal voters).  An attempt by President Trump to fix this will fail....thanks to McCain and McConnell.  At least twelve states will write laws that repairs some of the mess but is challenged in the court system.  The Supreme Court (because of the nomination of Ted Cruz to the court) will take up the discussion and allow the states to toughen their laws.

9.  The thirty states that Trump won in 2016?  They will be the same thirty that he'll win in 2020.

10.  CNN, the NY Times, WaPo, and the majority of the media?  Because of the hype over 2017, 2018 and 2019....most everyone will be sick and tired of the 24-hour a day hype and start to hit 'mute' more often.

As for the five Trump-cards?  (1) NAFTA dissolving. (2) Voter reform.  (3) Tax reform to allow companies to bring their capital back into the US without massive taxation. (4) Fewer job regulations. (5) Stronger black middle-class identifying to Trump's vision of the future.  All of these will solidify the Trump agenda.

Footnote: By 2020, it'll be public view that Russian meddling probably didn't occur.  Some comedian will keep a week by week track on Russian meddling results, and some Russian comedian will show up to pretend to meddle....but mostly play pranks on journalists.

Added Footnote: Hillary Clinton will attempt to be part of the campaign for McAuliffe and fail miserably.