Thursday, 24 August 2017

Is America Turning into a Soviet-Style One-Party State?

It's a question asked by Newsweek in a piece that hypes up the protests and fake politics that exists in America today.

Rather than answer the Newsweek question....I would start off and ask if the Soviet Union in 1918 was ever destined for any legendary greatness?

History is an interesting piece over this era.  After the revolution in 1917....the Czar fell from power fairly quick.  A committee of 'idiots' came to be formed up with Bolsheviks running things up through 1922.  Lenin?  He was merely an ideas guy....the type to walk in and stir up trouble with great speeches.  When the smoke finally cleared in 1917....there was no real plan and no real assembly of four-star leadership.

After Lenin's death in 1924....Stalin stepped in and become the sole boss.  At that point, the committee idea existed in theory, but Stalin was the one allowing each to have a small piece of the pie.

In truth, there was no political were a citizen or resident of the USSR, and the government was one single big cog with only one single direction.  You conformed, or you found some way of exiting the country.  If you desired some alternate were going to end up in Siberia.  Folks might say some party existed....just for meeting purposes and attending a free-food situation, but it probably didn't really qualify as a real party.

It's a false sense of reality to suggest that politics ever was offered in the Soviet Union.  People may sit around today....huff on some glue, and drink some great rum-and-Coke cocktails....discussing this like some intellectual situation.  But the Soviet Union was just a car running on fumes and a empty tank for seventy years.

So, you move onto the US and some fake intellectual discussion of a one-party state.  

Maybe up until the 1980s....there was still a GOP situation and a Democratic situation.  I think since the mid-1990s....with radio talk-shows, the internet, cable news, the demise of the print-media (in particular Time, Newsweek, WaPo, and NY Times) have a charged up agenda driven political system.

McCain may have an "R" behind his name.....but most people who say they are Republicans don't really value what McCain has to say and they question his behavior and ethnics.

The same is true with several Democrats.

Agenda groups, lobbyists, and special-interest foundations are mostly running the one-party state that you see today.  No one respects the news media that much.  The protests around universities now?  They are questioned to some degree....fake protesters are bused and in and pretend to be part of this group or that group....depending on the day of  the week and the pay-scale.

In the 1970s, you could have asked most folks to name their governor, their two state senators, and their district Representative....with the bulk of people (well over 70-percent) only able to provide one single name.  Today, everyone is hyped up to the degree that they can name all four characters, the VP, most cabinet officers, and the bulk of the Supreme Court.

We are in a different age and a morphed culture.  It's not even a real political system....just a collection of pretenders, actors, and special-interest groups shuffling around and trying make people think in some relative way that it's all a democracy.  In essence?  It's a great illusion act worthy of a big-contract deal in Vegas.

The Kiwi Story

Ok, so lets lay out this story from minute one.

The cops get called around 7:30 AM on Tuesday morning.  An argument brewing at an apartment complex.  They show up.

As they enter the apartment, on a domestic dispute....the 'woman' is swinging around a butcher-knife.  Somewhere in the brief minute or so that passed....the individual with whom the 'woman' was arguing with....gets a knife wound.  No one says if this was a butcher-knife or pocket-knife....but you have to assume it's a weapon.

Then the cop tries to halt the mess....threatens to shoot, and the 'woman' simply doesn't get the jest of the cops shoots.  Down goes the 'woman'.....dead.

Had this been a 'woman' would have been filed and a judge signing off on the whole report in six to eight weeks.

But, here.....we have a black transgender woman....Kenneth 'Kiwi' Saint Louis.

The fact that the cop reacted in self-defense?  Doesn't really matter.

So all of this leads to Wednesday night.....roughly thirty-six hours later.  A crowd of folks have gathered to block traffic and protest over the cops shooting Kiwi.  Into the midst of this crowd drives a Mercedes driver.....which appears that he's gotten into this mess and just wants to drive out quickly.

Three folks injured and the Mercedes dude arrested.  Charges?  Unknown.  I suspect the cops just wanted to get the guy out before problems occurred.  Was the driver guy a Nazi or KKK member? Doubtful....he was driving a Mercedes.  Losers can't usually afford that kind of car.

The sad thing here is that this could have been avoided if the domestic argument hadn't reached the stage where you needed to swing a knife around and threaten people.  Course, if the cops had not reacted and just allowed Kiwi to knife the associate....things would have been fine.  Now?  I'm guessing by Friday night....some big crowd will have another protest and more folks will get run over by cars.

Oh, and what the argument was between Kiwi and the associate?  Unknown.  Amongst all this chatter and one talks about the argument that started up.

The Boris Image

Generally, whenever I hear the term "Russian meddling in the US election"....I have this image in my mind from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons with Boris Badenov.

Boris Badenov was a fictional character of course.

Boris was invented in the late 1950s and was supposed to be the somewhat evil character...that was somewhere between being a German or a Soviet bad-guy.

After you've watched a couple hours of Rocky and'd come to the conclusion that Boris was just a unlucky guy at situations.  He'd walk into a great situation, and minutes later find that he'd been outsmarted or just run into bad luck.

When I sit and watch CNN....I'm really trying hard not to visualize Boris....but typically, it only takes a minute of some dimwit with CNN talking and I've got Russian-meddling and Boris in my mind.

As much as Boris struggled and failed.....time after got use to the Boris scheme and could figure out that American-branded Bullwinkle and Rocky would always walk away safe.

I've come to view the Russian meddling thing in the election as basically the same thing.  Whatever scheme was floated on the original didn't really matter. Bullwinkle and Rocky....will walk away in a safe fashion.  It's virtually guaranteed.

As for future meddling?  Boris version II will appear in 2020 and 2024.  His sidekick....the slutty Natasha Fatale will probably accompany him.  CNN will interview both.  The arrival of the Russians will be hyped up and widely reported.  Some people will note that they were briefly swayed....mostly by the trust CNN and Boris.  Eventually, we'll all have a good laugh.