Friday, 25 August 2017

Young and Stupid

I probably should go and find better things to do in life.  I spent around ninety minutes today reviewing video interviews on YouTube of young men and women....detailing how they are all FIRED-UP to over-throw the government, bring wealth-redistribution around to save the nation, and double-triple-drain-the-swamp (better even than Trump's just plain-drain-the-swamp).

After a while, you come to notice five distinctive things about the mentality and intellectual capability about these individuals:

1.  While they claim they are in college and studying something....I get the distinctive impression that they know enough about wealth redistribution, socialism, and put down on a 3x5 card.  They seem to have drilled down into something within the class, and gotten some kind of deep thoughts by some professor.....but in terms of useful information to take and form a knowledge base?'d be like them having a flat tire and knowing that there's a jack involved but no idea where in the car you'd find the jack or even if their car had a spare-tire in the back.

Does this mean that universities are just 'buttering the toast' and really not providing analysis-type thinking?  I would probably worry about the university and their lecture crowd.

2.  Most all of these people who commented on wealth-redistribution really had NO idea where the fair-line would be drawn.  In essence, they'd just make up a number in the end.  That worries me.

This was the old Moscow mentality where a PhD guy would determine that some mass farming operation had to produce X amount of pears per acre, and it was simple a guess on pears per tree, and no idea if this were a young tree or old tree, or the weather affect on pear production.

In the minds of these folks....everything is stable, and everyone deserves a slice of success off the more aggressive guy.  In this type eventually have people who pack up...leave....and never look back.  After a while, you start to notice that all the 'winners' have moved on, and what you have left are mostly the 'slackers'.  The big chunk of the pie that they all used to share from?  It's down to half the size and folks are grumbling that they aren't getting the yearly amount as they used to.  You try to explain the loss of the 'winners' but this crowd doesn't care.

3.  Eager to bring their system into your life without much testing or tweaking.  This part of the enthusiasm bothered more than anything else.  It was like they'd found some magic formula that no one knew about or ever tried....and if you just stood to the side and allowed them to jump-start this revolution process, we'd get there real fast.

The fact that virtually every single hard-core socialist government that has existed....has more or less failed?  Well....don't bring up Cuba or North Korea because these punks seem to think there's success written all over both.  Naturally, they haven't been there, and that might be a shock to their systems.

4.  'White-Paper' Mentality.  I worked years ago with an junior Air Force officer who was in the midst of problems over management.  In his world, white-papers were written overnight....quickly reviewed....than became some point of reality   Sadly, we would reach some point early on or at the mid-point....where the white-paper-plan simply couldn't work. In his mind....the paper made sense.  In the real world....there are various stumble points which usually are never clearly understood by the white-paper enthusiasts.

I see this white-paper thinking with the young crowd....things ought to work with their plans but they can't cite any place where it's been tried and successfully implemented....saying usually some vague thing that they do this in Europe....never saying where or how it works.

5.  The continual phrase that USSR-socialism doesn't work but real socialism will work.  It's often some test-phrase that the lecture guy gave and you were supposed to remember this key element.  Course, it would mean you need to list today where pure-socialism has worked (the only two countries left are North Korea and Cuba (it's dissolving because of capitalism use by citizens there).

You would get this impression that there must be forty different types or levels of socialism, and some are sparkling success stories.

Their attempts to explain this?  It's like handing a pamphlet out to three guys on muffler-repair and they try to lead some discussion with twenty lines of information.  It bothers me that this identifies the three guys as experts....when they aren't.

The thing about being young and in can be stupid.  Then one need to improve your logical thinking and move up in the world.  If you are still this stupid when they hand you the pretty much wasted the tuition money and blew all that class-time on something without value.  It's kinda like being given a compass in life.....but there no arrow to point you in the direction north.

Loser Path

You marginally sit in some high school environment....mostly gaming six hours a day....lacking any real game-plan beyond high school....focused on no real future.  Graduation comes.  You end up moving your stuff into the big room of the basement which has a private toilet, and settle down for the long-haul.

Weeks pass, and the best that you can assure mom or dad is that you will attend some local community college class but it's whittled down to one class per semester.  Your gaming skills are sharpened by the fact you game roughly sixty hours a week now.  You work eight hours on Sundays at some local pizza delivery service and your dad gives you $60 a week as pocket money to cover your smokes and beer cost.

Somewhere along the third year of this great life enroll for one full year at some make mom happy.  You fall into a group of folks who are revolutionary in anti-capitalism....smoke marijuana whenever possible....and get hired out to protests as protest-actors....making $16-an-hour.

You still live in the basement room in dad's house at age twenty-four.  Your big thrills are the once or twice a month protest rallies that you get hired out to with your former college buddies.  In a normal month make almost $300 as a protest-actor.

Your dad tries to have a logical discussion on your 25th birthday....that you need to move on in life.  To be honest, you can't remember a single day over the past five years where you haven't smoked at least one joint and sipped at least a six-pack of beer.  Your dad still gives you pocket money and occasionally helps to fix the 22-year-old car that you drive around.  Your last real date was two years ago, with some protest-gal who was hyped up on big-oil and saving whales.

By your 26th birthday, you've gotten yourself arrested three times for protest-brawls, and dad said on the third occasion that he won't bail you out anymore. He's also insisted you return to college and attempt to finish up a degree.  You wrap up a massive protest-schedule one summer with over $5,000 collected on twenty-odd protests.  You live practically out of a bus for six weeks straight as they haul you from city to city across the nation.  Once in a do ask who is paying for your roll as a brawl-actor, but no one knows much except it's all cash, and it's a guaranteed to be without taxation.

You return to college....mostly attending a program which is some social science field....mostly taking classes with professors who are anti-capitalists and revolution-talkers.  You hook up with some gal who is left-wing, right-wing, neo-Nazi, anti-capitalist, and revolutionary-thug.  She excites you with all the hyped up talk.  The fact that she's probably crazy and unable to conduct a rational conversation....never occurs.

Months pass and by your 28th actually graduate from college.  You spend six weeks on some bus touring the US at various protests and making $1000 a week.  You've earned some title as "Marvel-thug" and recognized for your attire, bizarre theatrics, and aggressive behavior.

After the big return from this summer kinda lays out a schedule.  You need to get a real job and move out of the basement in six months.

Oddly, as you prepare your resume and try hooking up with various one calls you for an interview.  A friend rewrites your resume, and makes it look like you are five years younger.  You get several interviews and get accepted to a job.  After one month at the new complain at HR about the old white-dude in your office who is a suspected racist.  HR decides probation is ended and let you go.  A month later, you hook up with another company, and repeat the same old white-dude be let go.

Your dad is asking questions now.  What's the issue?  He kinda hints that the $80,000 on college costs is his investment money to get you out.

By your 30th kicks you out of the house.  You end up moving in with the old idiot college girlfriend.  You marry her four months later.  Then you realize that she's mostly nuts and really is a neo-Nazi....that this wasn't a fake act like you thought. Luckily, she works now for some secretive foundation and has bundles of $40,000 delivered every month to cover protest actions and the hiring of fake-brawlers.  You work for her....mostly training people how to fake-brawl.

Somewhere around age thirty-two....your wife gets arrested for money-laundering and tax-evasion, and you end up leaving the apartment....escaping back to your dad's basement 'lounge' that you enjoyed for all those years.  You slumber off for two years waiting on the whole trial for your wife to end.  She gets four years in prison.  Six months into this....she lets you know that she's become a lesbian and wants a divorce.  Your dad says it's best thing to do.....put your future ahead....get a job, and move out.

By age thirty-five, you've come to this point where you've gain forty pounds, and most of your income is solely off protests.  As a trainer and make near $30,000 a year now.  You explain this to your dad, and he says it's just not a real job, and then asks if you are paying taxes.  Sadly, you admit that it's all cash-and-carry with these protest taxes.  He suggests that you move out.

Shortly before your thirty-seventh birthday....your dad comes down to the basement and announces that he's sold the house and will be turning over the property in thirty days.  He's buying an RV and heading to Orange Beach.  You contemplate your future.  Worthless degree.  No real job in twenty years.  Failed marriage.  In the Social Security've officially worked part-time for five years at best and your pay-out per month at 66 will be $95.

You pack up a sleeping bag and tent, and end up staying mostly under a bridge on the south end of town, and working weekends at the local pizza shop.  A friend from high school lets you use their garage shower unit on occasion.

The problem with this epic tale is that there are thousands of guys like this...lounging their way to retirement, and will be standing there to make $200 to $300 a month as their reward for their lifestyle.