Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Typical Idiot Who Falls for the Anti-Capitalist or Pro-Socialist Slant

I've sat and watched a number of videos over the past month where young men and ladies (presumably from university protest action) were asked to detail and explain their pro-socialism view on the world and how capitalism is destroying civilization.  Generally, you notice three things about their talk and view:

(1) They have virtually no understanding of business or commerce.  If you asked them how the tennis shoes on their feet came to exist....a blank stare would likely occur.  Why almost no tennis shoes are manufactured in the US today....wouldn't be something that they could explain, or why virtually no TVs are manufactured in the US.  It's like they attended two or three years of college without taking a single class in business.

(2) They've never traveled beyond the border of the US.  They reference France or Germany an awful lot....but oddly, they simply haven't been to either.  They reference Cuba a good bit.....but haven't been there.  They reference the Soviet Union or Russia a good bit.....but haven't been there.

(3) They seem to be absolutely on the idea that a company could exist where the employees run everything and there are no bosses or corporate umbrella.  Beyond some local flower shop or two-man barber-shop.....they typically can't identify a single business that exists like they describe.  They keep on identifying some company in France that runs this way, or how all businesses run in Finland.

In essence, it's a naive 'club'.  They've paid some dues to get in the front door....hype up the agenda with other members....and keep talking about the perfect world that exists in Finland, Cuba, or some fantasy utopia.

I often get the idea that they also enjoy a 402-situation (pro-marijuana).

You'd generally say that this group of individuals lack skepticism, common sense, and a pondering nature.  Whatever lecture they got lured into....they tend to believe in the fantasy world described and never question anything.  The odd thing here is that thirty to forty years ago....you would have in various college lectures and the impact of independent thinking, analysis, and skeptic nature would have drilled into you.  For some reason, these skills....which you generally need in life to survive....aren't lectured upon.

What happens in the end?  Somewhere down the line....someone is going make some impact upon these naive minds and bring them to some Socrates-like moment where they have to reflect and ponder upon the situation.  It won't be a pleasant experience.