Thursday, 31 August 2017

From the Peak,the Mighty will Fall

Around two years ago, I started to hear the term 'Snowflake' used a good bit.  Politically....this refers to what they now call the Snowflake Generation....young people who've appeared over the past eight years or being more prone to be offended by any comment and absolutely less-resilient than the average guy you would bump into.

In some ways....they are emotionally less an adult....and more of a juvenile (the age twelve strikes me as their thought-process age).

Amusingly, if you use Snowflake in the presence of these juveniles.....they consider it an insult.

There's a book written in the late 1990s....which concerned boxing ('Fight Club').  As the historians tell the story....Snowflake came out of the book.

I've sat and pondered over the term Snowflake....the attitude generated....pondered over how this generation came to be 'morphed' into this type of mentality.

These are kids who were born in the 1995 to 2000 era.  They grew up with Teletubbies, Barney, Lost, and fake Dracula-teens.  To some degree.....I think as they hit high school around 2010 to 2015....a new teacher generation had arrived and was part of the whole process.  Between the internet, social media, fake politics geared toward teens, behavior transformation, and the desire to be the 'anti' teen....they have been led down this particular path.

They want to believe in something, but are drawn by some fake intellectual talk.  In a sense, it's like the Jim Bakker/Lonnie Frisbee/Tony Alamo type fake minister characters found some naive juveniles....hyped them up that they could be special....and dropped them off at various college campuses around the country.

In the same way that Mussolini's 'Black Shirts' were a special class of character in the early 1920s in Italy, and the 'Brown Shirts' of Germany were Hitler-enthusiasts.....these Teletubbie-kids (the Snowflakes) are on some type of crusade for the good of mankind.  They oppose the Klan, the evil Republicans, the Nazis, and just about anyone who isn't Snowflake-minded.  Saving the world....has a pretty good feeling for kids like this.

The issue I see now, is that they've climbed a fairly high peak and there's more or less one single path left for these young ladies and gentlemen.  It'll be an interesting fall....where lessons in life will be a bit painful.