Friday, 1 September 2017

The Map Story

There was a piece to come up today on Alabama (my home state) and essay of sorts centered on the fact (suggestion) that Alabamians can't read maps.  So in the case of a tornado have to actually read out individual houses with folk's names....telling them to run for the storm-shelter.

It was of course a parody....but after you sit and think over it....yeah, probably around 10-percent of the adults in the state of Alabama cannot read a map.

I noted this coming up around the 8th grade while attending an Alabama school.  The teacher wanted a public speech moment, and force kids to stand up at the front and give some two-minute  explanation of how to get from the school to their home (may at the most....5 miles away).

It pained (a usual Alabama term) a number of kids.  They were given an entire day to write some basic words down, and it really didn't matter.

Some kids were lucky and lived on state highway 207.....meaning two sentences at the most.  Some had to inject north, south, east or west into the commentary, and I noted from several folks that they used wrong direction.

Some kids refused to identify road numbers, and just said the 4th right turn after such-and-such church, or identified themselves to the state-line.

Barns were identified by several were churches....cemeteries.....general stores.

I led the folks on a 20-odd mile route explanation (my house was at the most two miles away)....taking folks past the state-line....up into the Appleton region (complete with dirt roads), back across the state-line.....adding descriptive notes along the way with house-trailers, combines, and oaks.

The thing is.....reading maps just isn't some talent that you need much in life.  I grew up with people who haven't been more than 300 miles away in their entire life (these are people over the age of fifty).
You can talk to a hundred Alabama folks, and at least forty of them will tell you that their limit in life is one state away (going to a Braves game), and that they still keep a big Atlas under the car-seat for special trips.  If you brought up the idea of driving across the Oregon?  Oh....that'd freak some folks out.

It's just the way that it is.

This Odd neo-Nazi and KKK Combination

Over the past six months, I've sat and read through print-media, blogs, and watched hours of news and fake-news.  This odd creation of KKK members in association with neo-Nazi members have been a curious thing for me.   It's continually portrayed as two groups working on a similar agenda and in protests together.  For's a theme that can't exist.

Most people fail to grasp the KKK, and their history.  Their creation....around the 1865-era, in Pulaski, Tennessee?  They became a vigilante group within a particular county which had no plantations and very few blacks.  Whatever the original theme was with the regional moved out of the region....took on other shapes and styles, and became an instrument with various agendas.  Oddly, the KKK came to exist only in regions with strong Democratic Party-landscapes.

At some point in the 1915-to-the-1930s....the KKK is said to have hit their peak.  Some historians even go and call it the 2nd version of the KKK, and they were unlike the version that existed in the 1865 to 1915 era.  The KKK actually left the south in this period, and extended itself out into the midwest and a urbanized organization, and having a vast political agenda.  The same historians will say that in this 1920s era....the membership went between three and six million members nation-wide.

After WW II?  That's an interesting thing.  The political usage of the KKK basically came to an end by the end of the 1960s. Today, the FBI says that the membership rests around 6,000. That's it.

If you went and asked any KKK member of this modern era about political feelings....most will identify as libertarian types....leaning slightly to conservative. Few will figure into the Democratic Party.  Most KKK individuals will say their membership is tied to be pro-white, and anti-multiculturalism.  Oddly, I don't think you can find a single KKK member who espouses socialist values.  Maybe I'm wrong on this....but this type of agenda simply isn't agreeable with most KKK folks.

So you this neo-Nazi group.

First and foremost....if you follow the 1932 Nazi Party political platform....Nazis are absolutely socialists and left-wing (I know....Wiki and most dictionary platforms say right-wing, but they've been written with a slanted view and are incorrect).

If you say that you are a member to the are socialist-minded, period.

Some of the agenda that the neo-Nazi folks talk about is Aryan in nature, and would fit to the pro-white and anti-multiculturalism.  Course, if you wanted to avoid the socialist would not be a'd be a Aryan-club member.

The FBI on Nazi membership in the US?  Four years ago, the FBI said a max of 8,000 members in the US.

If you went to each of the 8,000 and read off the political platform of 1932....I suspect that the bulk of members would say that they AREN'T Nazis...because they don't believe in socialism.

So, what happened here?  Could these two groups have a drink together or ride a bus together, or even protest together?  No....I don't think they could.

If you had some associate or co-worker who was hyped up one Monday and said he'd gone off to join the KKK or neo-Nazis group....then you read off the social platform business....the socialism angle....the guy would tell you that he's likely a libertarian-type and that what you discussed....well....they aren't socialists.  They would then try to grasp....what it was that they attended or joined up with.

My guess?  Various groups over the past fifty years have been infiltrated with people with different agendas and made into something "else".  The Greenpeace group got hijacked within three or four years of creation and became something totally different.  The magazine National Geographic was hijacked and made into something totally different.  In this case, I think both the KKK and neo-Nazi crowd have been hijacked and being pushed onto becoming something totally different.

My end-point here....when you see some CNN report, or read some NY Times article over a protest with both groups participating....what exactly are the groups, and is it possible that both can exist in some relationship?  Fake?  Yeah....probably a fake agenda by just don't know who.