Saturday, 2 September 2017

Fake Weather?

In 2016, I came to be introduced to fake news.

This week, I came to be introduced to fake weather.

What the National Weather Service has that some folks are making up bogus hurricane maps and projecting hurricanes beyond five days, and in some way.....attributing this back to the National Weather Service.  Yeah....fraudulent weather predicting.

Why produce fake weather warnings?  Well, you have to assume that there is some agenda to this....people wanting others to get hyped up and worried, when there is no need for worry.

But this starts to open up various issues.  If you have fake weather reports....could you have fake crime reports?  Could you have fake travel reports?  Could you have fake NCAA coverage over the upcoming season?  Could you have fake political trends?

Years ago....I grew up in a particular community that had a couple of TV stations, and weathermen.  Generally, if you went to some worry about the weather would then turn to Channel Nineteen, to get H. D. Bagley.  Whatever H. D. said.....was pretty much gospel.  It didn't matter if it agreed with the National Weather Service or was words by H. D. that would either sooth you or get you into the storm cellar.

What would H. D. likely say of the fake weather business....if he were around today?  He'd likely accuse them of being communists.  Folks would agree, and they'd lessen their connection to the internet and all this fakeness.