Thursday, 7 September 2017

“Invisibility Microaggression”

I noticed today in the news that someone brought up “invisibility micro-aggression,”.

The basic meaning of this is:  You arrive at some airport, and sit down next to someone, and she looks kinda-Asian.  It probably doesn't matter....the flight might be leaving late, and for some odd reason, you've started a small conversation with the slightly-Asian gal.  Then along about the 10th ask....where is she from.  Naturally, you didn't intend this to mean too much or be mean, or even offensive.  But the act alone....maybe such that this Asian-like lady gets this stupid question asked six to ten times each week, and she's annoyed after the 200th time this year in having to answer this stupid question.

Being an American around Germany, I have this odd deal happen occasionally because Germans want to know precisely where you come from.  The fact that I've lived in five different states in my life, and two countries...makes this a slightly painful answer, and I tend to just answer from the state where I grew up.  But to call this a micro-aggression?'s just a part of life.

All of this hype toward micro-aggression is leading to one single future trend.

The 'I-don't-care-about-you' micro-aggression.

This is where you don't care about the guy or gal you bumped into.  You don't care about their spouse, their kids, their college, their degree, their church, their religion, their ethnic status, their car, their debt, their golf or bowling scores, their NFL team, their NCAA team, their lusty affair, their landscape around the house, the failing rate of their septic tank, the four weeks they spent in jail for bad-checks, their habitual drug use, their choice of whiskey, their favorite Star-Trek episode, their favorite brother from the Cartwrights, their political stance, their social media theme, their favorite hotel, their summer vacation, their failures in life, their successes in life, or their belief or disbelief in global warming.  In short, you don't start stupid discussions at the airport or anywhere with people because it all leads to some micro-aggression stage.  You mind your own business.

I's not friendly and it gets you labeled anti-social.

But every single detail of this orchestrated agenda is built to lead you deeper into some accusation by be on a micro-aggression trend.  So buck the system. Don't give a damn.  Let people know that you don't give a damn.