Monday, 11 September 2017

Miss America Story

I tried to make sense out of this....Miss America finalists were quizzed on President Trump's past comments, his decision to pull out of Paris Accord and whether they agreed on collusion with the Russians.

To be honest, I haven't watched a Miss America pageant since like 1971 while visiting my uncle down in Demopolis, Alabama (figure that comes up to around 46 years).  We had vanilla ice cream served in significant portions (my uncle probably had ice cream every single night of his life), with fresh peaches.  To also be honest, I don't remember what gal from what state won, what they wore, or what dimwit question they answered.  The ice cream business?  Yeah, for some odd reason, I remember that.

I pondered over the questions.

It would have been interesting to ask them what collusion means....but they probably would have said it was insurance that you buy via Prudential.

It would have been interesting to ask if they'd ever met any Russians but most would have responded were Arab-like and wore robes.

It would have been interesting to ask about the Paris Accords, but this would have led onto Honda Accord car, or Paris, Texas.

It would have been interesting to ask about their feelings for Bernie or Hillary, but most would have responded that they were too young to vote or forgot about voting.

Viewership?  Well....this got brought up....a 13-percent drop from last year.  Frankly, no one cares for the show anymore.  If I haven't watched the show in forty-six years....that kinda says something.

The Gang Story

It's an odd piece of news I picked up this morning and read through several times.

Up in Portland, Oregon....the cops for two decades had crafted and maintained a gang-database.  If they arrested you, and you had the tattos or gang membership got put into the database.  Name, crime, and picture.

You could walk up to the internal system and list out various gangs that operated around Portland, see the members, and ID trends or links to other gangs.

At some point in the last year.....someone came up to notice that most all of the gang members listed in Portland....are minority individuals (black, Latino, Asian, etc).  They didn't say 100-percent minority but a large portion of the database was that way.

The guy feeling of the individual?  It just wasn't right. They are dumping and deleting the database. You still get into the regular crime database....but no gang affiliation.

Somehow, the department has now been convinced that the need to ID gangs and trends....isn't that big of a deal and would be discriminatory in nature.

Out of about 1.6-million people in the Portland area....around ten-percent are Latino.  Six-percent are black.  Seven-percent are Asian.  And 72-percent is white.

I pondered upon the problem here.  The real problem is that there just aren't enough white gang members in Portland.  If there are around 1.1-million white folks least one-third of the gang-members ought to be white.  And that's just not happening.

What the city really needs is a recruitment program to bring the numbers up to the right statistical average.  I'm not suggesting really bad white gang those Italian thugs in NY City or Philly.....but like the white gang-members of Madison, Wisconsin, or Myrtle Beach, SC.

Why don't they have more white gang-members in Portland?  I suspect that as the years went by and marijuana became a highly used drug in the city.....a lot of the white guys mellowed out and became....well.....'wussy'.  They'd hang out but mostly to drink booze and smoke joints.

I would imagine as well...that someone noticed that there just aren't that many women listed as gang-members, and lack of women also was a problem.  It's hard to convince women to join up with gangs.....most have better things to do, and would prefer a real lifestyle.

The odds of this process spreading to other urban areas with gangs?  Yeah.....I kinda doubt it..