Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A Little History Story

There are probably ten-thousand different bits of history that I've gone over in a fair amount of detail, and asked myself or pondered upon the actual events or outcome.

One of those...is the Chappaquiddick Island episode with Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne...happening on 18 July 1969.

The basic outline is that Ted left a party on the isle with Mary Jo....took a wrong turn...got over a bridge, and then ran off into the water.  Ted managed to climb out.  Mary Jo didn't make it.  Ted was considered somewhat drunk.  Ted somehow made it back to the hotel at 2AM.  Cops come in the early morning to the site.  Ted gets signed off as it being just an accident. End of the story.

Some things about the episode don't fit.

The purse in the car?  It's not Mary Jo's, and no one ever really determined who owned the purse.  Three people in the car?  Well....I've come to think that.

The wrong turn?

Here's the thing about Chapaquiddick.  The party house is on the south side of the isle.  You drive up one single road for 3/4 of a mile and there a left or right turn.  Left goes to the ferry to return to the mainland. Right goes to a bridge which only takes you to another sandbar area....running four miles in length.

Ted turns right.  It's 4,000 feet to the bridge.

I don't think this was a one-car situation.  I think Ted left with two ladies in his car...with a friend/associate (with another lady) in the lead car.  The lead car crosses over and goes up the sandbar.  Late night party fun is anticipated.  Ted is about a minute behind.  Ted drives off the bridge.  The lead car driver, I humbly think....waited around fifteen to twenty minutes for Ted, and then came back around....finding the car in the water, and Ted on the bank....probably with another woman, and Mary Jo in the sunken car.

As the cops tell the story....Ted walks down the road....turns left, and for some reason (in the darkness around midnight) goes back to the party house.  No one can explain any good reason for this. Oddly, all the booze bottles and beer cans? The cops find none there the next day.

Ted apparently sits around for a while, and then walks from there to the ferry area.  It's a 2.4 mile walk.....in the dark....with Ted still somewhat drunk.  The fact that houses and cottages exist there....mid-summer, with people who could help?  This never figures into the cop investigation.

Ted arrives at the ferry dock, and then swims (yes, unbelievable)....roughly a quarter-mile swim in the dark at 1AM while somewhat drunk.  Then Ted arrives at the hotel where he sleeps off the drunken episode.

For me, it's hard to believe the story as it stands.  Ted would have had to walk at least four miles in the dark....in a fairly drunken state.  I think the folks in the second car helped Ted clean up the mess and just get him to the dock.  The cops do shift some blame onto Ted.

The affect of this episode on the 1972 Presidential election?  That's an interesting episode.

Ted Kennedy instead of Hubert Humphrey?  Without the Chappaquiddick incident, I think Ted would have come very close to defeating Nixon in 1972.  The news folks would have hyped up the Ted agenda, and Nixon's war situation would have been a negative.


I probably won't be spending the $17.99 on Hillary Clinton's new book....“What Happened."

I read around a dozen books a year, but this is probably not the material that I'd really get hyped up about.

I've come to view various comments about what she wrote.  At some point, she notes that she had a lot of frustration with Bernie Sanders over the way that he tried to step into the election and change political party 'purity'.

I was confused by this reference to Democratic Party 'purity'.

If I mentioned purity to my brother....I'd get some lecture about distilled spirits and alcohol content.  This would be one of those twelve minute analytical moments delivered by an engineer about how you reach absolute maximum purity and how you can spoil purity.  Course, none of this would have much to do with Bernie, Hillary, or politics.

I probably missed all those 'purity' classes in college.  The topic just never came up.  We did spend numerous hours discussing the Civil War, Lee, economic downfalls, Roman legions, Churchill, and the affect of weather when landing on Normandy beaches in July.

So I've tried to rationalize this.  Is this purity-stuff related to the fact that Democratic Party is a group of agenda groups, and that Bernie’s working-class crowd and university punks....aren’t part of the Democratic ‘purity’?

Or is this some kind of fake ‘purity’ (like fake politics, fake religion, fake Russians, fake bankers, fake Hollywood, fake golf, fake NCAA football, fake journalism, fake climate change, etc)?

Or is her form of ‘purity’ something that you can’t really grasp without a couple of cocktails and some White Fire Alien OG marijuana (the good-good stuff that you can only buy in a Colorado Spring head-shop)?  Maybe I could reach a level of understanding....if I just smoked the right stuff.

My guess is that 'purity' is some code-word used by the DC lobbyist crowd, and it means something totally different.

This is probably where I'd open up a bottle of Jacky D's Motorhead whiskey and test the 'purity' level.

Voter-Tourism Idea

If you follow New Hampshire news, folks are hyped up....there's been this story developing....6,500 folks registered on that cold November day of last year to vote....with out-of-state licenses.  They said they had moved into the state.  Well...someone checked things in the last three months, and virtually none of the 6,500 folks have gotten new New Hampshire licenses.

Yeah, voter fraud being suggested.

There's some meetings going on and the names of the 6,500 are known.

I sat and pondered over this topic.

The task here ought to be sending a summons to the 6,500....to where ever they live, and ask them to appear in front of a judge with an electrical bill. My guess is that most don't live in New Hampshire, and then the question ought to be....where do you live?

Then you'd go as the judge and ask the state where they live....did they vote in the 2016 election in that state.

Course, all of this would come back as a legal problem involving a $5,000 fine (state law fine).

But why stop there?  It seems like you'd then put up some billboards around the state and try to interest folks in voter-tourism.  Pay $5,000 and get a chance to vote twice in elections.

Some folks in Tennessee would look at this and then suggest....why not a package deal to double-vote?  You fly in....get taken to a nice cabin situation....full-up catfish dinner...go down to the court-house and vote....get a chance to shake hands with the judge and maybe some retired NFL quarterback....get a round of golf, and neatly package the $5,000 fee and trip into a $6,999 deal.  Maybe even throw in a picture taken later with a BLM-protest guy and a fake-KKK guy.

All across America, we could hype up voter-tourism.  Heck, you could even arrange for a guy to buy a 20-year package after he passes away.....getting a straight-ticket absentee ballot and voting as a dead guy....for $25,000 payment to the state in question.

You could even arrange for Brits and Germans to fly into the US....pay for some package voter deal, and vote in five states for $30,000 while lounging on various beaches over a ten-day period.

There's tons of money to be made, if we just latch onto the concept.