Wednesday, 13 September 2017

People in the Real World

I sat this afternoon....noting some comment by a professional journalist from MSNBC....Katy Tur. She basically said that she was now permanently scarred (probably meaning mentally)...from President Trump calling out one of her written pieces, which I assume was political in nature.

I sat and pondered over the comment.

I've come to this opinion that a lot of journalists would be better off selling tires, cooking at school lunch-rooms, driving Greyhound buses, or planting trees around in National Forests.

I have my doubts that most are capable of handling some real chaotic life-event.  For some of these people who appear on CNN or Fox News....having a flat tire or six-hour electrical outage....would be the end of the world for them.

Then saying that you might be mentally scarred....if so-and-so reacts to what you wrote?  What kind of wussy would say that about their written material?  These are people who can't even sit in the shadow of Hunter S. Thompson.  If they'd even tried to hang out with Thompson....they wouldn't have lasted more than an hour max.

But here we an average day with ABC, CBS, PBS, NPR, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News and CNN....with BBC, RT, and France-24 in the shadows....literally ten thousand of these talkative and chatty journalists....who might fall apart at any given moment because Trump did a 16-word Tweet on them.  Think about that 'human-glue' that holds them together and how weak it is.

It's probably just another reason why we need to limit ourselves to thirty minutes of news per day.  As for Katy?  Well....library work is less stressful, and it's rare that folks openly criticize a librarian.