Wednesday, 20 September 2017

What If Bernie Never Existed?

I read a piece today that discussed the idea over a scenario where Bernie decided not to run for the Presidency in 2016.

Basically, it would have left Hillary with two Democrats.....who had no real appeal and the whole Democratic primary would have been mostly a joke.  Hillary would have spent very little....toured probably only twenty of the fifty states....and walked into the Convention with a forty-minute speech.
Hillary-hype for the remainder of 2016?  I would take a guess it would have been marginal at best.  A third of Democratic voters would have just felt no passion for the campaign, and likely stayed home on election day.

In a sense.....the DNC needed Bernie to come out, and deliver a Paul Newman-like performance....driving up the passion....and getting peopled hyped over 'something'.  Hilary...the DNC....and the party elite....needed Bernie to deliver.

The problem is....Bernie started to believe his speeches....his passion....and the public attention.  In the end....Bernie became a boat-anchor which Hillary could not grasp or utilize.

We now move onto the 'year-after', and view the Bernie affect in various ways.  It's like a rub it and feel a things could have go a different way if this had been a Bernie versus Trump election.

I think in four years...some guy is going to come out and present a book called: 'President Bernie' and talk at length about how Bernie would have handled everything....fixed the healthcare system....balanced the budget....and rebuilt the government.  Hillary will sit there and grit her teeth over the book, and journalists will spend weeks talking about a President Bernie scenario.