Thursday, 28 September 2017

Explanation Over Reality Winner

For a number of months, I've been watching this arrest episode unfold with this former Air Force Intelligence NCO....who'd gone to the NSA as a contractor.  The gal?  Reality Winner.  I's an odd name name. 

So it finally came up today as to what 'flipped' her out and triggered her to download classified material....walk out and pass it on.

What she says now is that she was sitting int he office one day, and Fox News was played on her TV.  She got all hyped up....filed some formal complaints....nothing was done. 

So, this was some act of revenge....over Fox News in her work-place.

Back in the old intelligence vaults....we didn't have TV running.  I can remember this period and we'd beg for radio or cassette background music, and be told over and over....'NO'.

I can then remember the magical day when the security guys can have piped in radio music.  It was like a year later.....oh, yeah, we can allow you to have CD's played.  Then a year later, the base woke up to realize their router system was made to some degree to have network channels running.  Then I woke up one day to have my boss entertaining the idea of buying a big-screen TV for the office.  All within a short five or six year period....the technology came.

As for this 'Fox News Syndrome' that Ms Winner has?  How would you handle this?  Watch enough 'CNN TV' to get it out of your system, but then your office-buddy tells you that they have 'CNN Syndrome' now? 

Frankly, after looking at the fragile condition of Ms have to wonder....would we be better off to dump all the radio, and TV business, and go back to the way it was in 1988?  Maybe dump free internet access, Facebook access in the workplace, and eliminate problems ahead of time?

As for Ms Winner?  I'm of the mind that she'll end up with twenty-odd years of prison time and likely leave prison by age forty-five.  The good thing about prison life? don't need to worry about TV news, cable connections, or Fox.  Life is pretty simple and you get into routine after six months. 

All This Social Platform Business

I sat and pondered last night over a topic which circles around the NFL and this social platform discussion going on.  And I have this odd feeling.

Right now....we are watching players, coaches and owner kneeling....mostly over racial injustice, racism, or BLM-topics.  Everyone is hyped up....either for or against the use of the National Anthem as some 'tool'.

But what if you didn't really end with this one single topic?

What if some folks felt that their social platform topic....some Nazi-like theme....needed to be discussed at the NFL game with the National Anthem playing....and fans (maybe a player or two) did a Nazi-salute?

What if some folks wanted a pro-Leprechaun social platform topic, and just launched into a Irish dance as the National Anthem started playing?

What if some climate change enthusiasts wanted a climate change social platform topic, and just held both arms stretched if 'pushing back' while the National Anthem started to play?

What if women at the stadium a protest to all the NFL players who batter their wives and girlfriends....while the National Anthem started to play?

What if men held the middle-finger salute protest pro-women feminist agendas....while the National Anthem started to play?

What if three-hundred male college students would show up and pull their shirts off as the National Anthem started protest higher tuition costs?  What if three-hundred female college students removed their tops at the same time (topless) also protest higher tuition costs?

Not to encourage anyone, but if you start to think about what the NFL has's opened this Pandora's Box.  You could have eight-thousand Green Bay fans show up in arctic-like conditions and the vast majority in some provocative maneuver during the National Anthem, and the sports team spends thirty minutes analyzing the various positions, themes, and social explain to the poor sports fan all of the various groups and their agendas. 

Is that really necessary? 

I can sit now and imagine forty thousand fans at some stadium this Sunday....angry at the NFL, the teams on the field, and the coaches....then raising their middle-finger in the air while the National Anthem plays and the camera crews trying desperately to avoid any scene where the cameras would show the 40,000 fans in this profound moment....making their own social platform statement. 

The Reality of Safe Spaces

As a kid, I grew up 'under-privileged'. You only had one single 'safe-space' to go to.....the barn. 

You'd typically enter the safe-space of the barn and have utter quietness to relieve you of your stress. The landscape within the barn?  Typically 1800s-like scenic charm.  There was a single light installed, for night-time safe-space requirements....if you desired.  A bale of hay lay there for you sit and get over your anxiety or stress.  Typically, between the hay smell, and manure scent of the got over your anxiety in a matter of twelve minutes (in July, eight minutes was max).

As I look at these college teens with their stress issues and the need for 'safe-spaces'....I tend to think of the barn and how it'd easily solve the torment in the minds of these kids.

I was reading today on some episode which had developed in the last week or two at Reed College...a private university near Portland, Oregon.  It's not a place where you'd typically go (tuition with room/board is near $61,000 a year).

Reed College has an odd need to take western humanities as part of their program.  This is mostly a semester where you sit and hear a lecture on Socrates, Plato, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Roman Empire, etc. 

The kids got all hyped up....disturbed...over the lecture business.  In affect, they were falling apart and some needed physiological counseling (so they claim, but I have my doubts).  Their chief complaint?  After you read through everything, they just didn't like all this hype over a bunch of old white guys like Aristotle or Shakespeare.  They were at the point of having panic-attacks. 

Being all bothered and hyped up?  You get that idea.  Course, they don't have enough barn-like space for safe-space demanding folks.  My brother would likely suggest that someone needs to wheel up some hay-wagon with a few bales on it and have a cooler of Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) offered up with some Earl Scruggs or John Hartford banjo music in the background.  Thirty minutes on the hay-trailer would return inner-peace to the disturbed students.....well, in my mind anyway.  But you'd probably need forty thousand of these hay wagons across America, to make this work.

There seems to be an awful lot of students who either aren't capable of handling reality, or they are super-smart, thus deserving of a degree with no real study required (they could actually teach the professors/instructors). 

On the Topic of Escalators

As a kid from the rural landscape of Alabama, I always had this fascination with escalators.  I was probably 12 or 13 years old when I 'rode' my first one.  In the period of 1978/1979 while in Frankfurt, I rode dozens.

For me, this was a mechanical curiosity.  You'd stand and admire the weight on one escalator and what amount of power it took to lift sixteen people to some second floor.  Then you'd admire the dependability and the fact that they rarely broke down.  You'd also reach a point where you wondered about the safety involved and the dangers.

While living in the DC area around 2010 to 2013....we had the episode where the escalator 'broke' and went into maximum turbo on the way down....literally throwing folks off down at the bottom. The escalator mechanics swore up and down....this was supposed to be impossible to occur.

For a long while, the longest escalator that I'd ever ridden was in a subway station in Munich....taking roughly 90 seconds to reach the ground surface.  Then I came to DC and rode the Wheaton Station escalator....which takes roughly two minutes to ride to the top (around 250 feet).  You can figure that that escalator was hauling a minimum of a 150 people in a rush-hour period, so there's a ton of 'power' to make this deliver.

I sat today and was reading up on the North Korean Pyongyang Metro system, and they have a single escalator there...where it can take almost four minutes to ride from the bottom to the top.  Figuring the load there?  Potentially, you might be talking about 500 Koreans riding on it in a rush-hour 'minute'.

If I were eighteen today?  I hate to admit it but out of the ten-thousand odd professions that I'd probably like to get into...would be the escalator technician work.  It's kinda like'd be guaranteed work for the rest of your life.

So Who Did Pay for the BLM Facebook Ads?

It was a page three item today....but it kinda came out that Russians (not the government, but just plain civilian Russians)....oddly came to Facebook and bought ads for....BLM (Black Lives Matter).

It also got brought out that Facebook delayed on showing Congress the ads for a fair amount of time and then finally delivered them. 

Regions affected?  Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland.

So some folks looked over all the ads that were presented.  It's an odd thing....they don't really slam or support a candidate.  Yeah, that's a shocker.

What were they hyped on?  Topics.  Gun control, immigration, and BLM.

If you were a Democratic Senator and hoping for all kinds of material to hit on the evil Russians?  The evil Russians were picking the same topics that special agenda folks pick (the Soros crowd).  Yeah, you can't really talk much about this because it'll just make the agenda folks look bad as well.

Amount spent?  $100,000 says Facebook.  That's it.  Hillary Clinton spent $623 million, and the evil Russians spent about $100,000.  So are we saying that the Russians are better at campaigning with their lousy $100,000 than Hillary with $623 million?  It's a pretty crazy mixed-up world.