Tuesday, 3 October 2017

My Three Gun-Control Ideas (Each Potentially Failing)

I enjoy reading at times the various ways that people want to FIX things, and how each generally goes to create a new and more creative problem in the end.  So my top three ideas:

1.  Limit all magazines to six rounds only.  Rifle, shotgun, hand-gun, etc. 

Most gun-control enthusiasts think that this will have a quick and easy return value.  No study has ever shown that it works.  Getting people to accept the six-round limit?  If you owned the larger magazines....you would not cough them up. The other amusing side of this is that you could go out and buy sixty six-round magazines, and just keep swapping them out as you ran out of bullets.

2.  Cash for guns.

Generally, the gun-control enthusiasts think that people will walk in and turn their gun in for $100 to $150 in cash.  In reality....the people that generally do this are the ones sitting there with a broken gun or a weapon with a age/trust problem in it working.  When the gunsmith says he'll need $250 to fix a weapon, that they bought for $350 ten years ago, the $150 offer might make sense to hand in. Otherwise, it's a waste of money.

3.  Removing military rifles from the public.

From what era are you talking over?  Are you talking about M-1 rifles from WW II era? Are you talking about the M-16/AR-15 from the Vietnam era?  I'm guessing most folks think the AR-15/AK-47 are the evil weapons and just dumping them would make sense.  The fact that most all of the 500-odd people killed so far in Chicago for 2017....were not shot by AR-15/AK-47 weapons?  Well....it's best not to bring this up.

So, I'm going to put a radical idea.  Requiring that all bullets/ammo manufactured and sold in the US...have a compound added.  A chemist could sit down and figure out the type and amount to use. The compound purpose?  To dirty the chamber in a fairly short period of time....requiring a complete cleaning after approximately ten shots fired.  If you didn't clean the barrel by the 15th round....it would create a problem for the barrel to be 'blocked' (thus damaged).  This would not affect any Constitutional situation or take away anyone's rights....but it would make gun cleaning a fairly repeatable task.  Military assault rifles?  It would make them completely ineffective for any mass shooting. 

The 12.5 Million Story

The general experts agree that roughly four-percent of the US population are psychopaths....meaning that they lack conscience and empathy.  They are very capable being manipulative, violent and usually end being criminal.  There's a grading system for psychopaths, and the higher grades (30 or more), means you need special care and probably a full-time facility.  So you eyeball the numbers and come to realize that 12-million Americans could potentially reach the stage to be a threat.....like the guy in Vegas.

Three years ago, it was generally estimated that around two-million Americans were fully addicted to pain-killers and opioids.  Some were at the full extent of not being in control of their mental capabilities.

The Americans with mental disorders, having hallucinations and delusions?  It's estimated at roughly nine million Americans have psychotic disorders that range from 'light' to 'significant problems'. 

So you add these three groups up.....threw in the full-up crazy folks, and you have around 25-million Americans that you need to worry about.  To be honest....you could cut this group down to about half that size and just say that lesser group wasn't a big deal.  You stand there admiring this landscape....12.5 million Americans who could potentially kill you, your family, your neighbors, your friends, and your work-associates.

If you pose these kind of numbers to the public....most would suggest that something has to occur revolving these people and guns.  But you'd also have to start talking about denying the same crowd the right to vote, the privilege to drive a vehicle, and award them guardianship by some mental facility.