Sunday, 29 October 2017

Gilligan's Island

Over the past month, for some odd reason, I went back and watched five or six episodes of Gilligan's Island.  As a kid, I probably watched every episode at least ten times, and over the past thirty years probably another three or four times.

There are a lot of things left in your imagination over the castaways and the island:

1.  You never notice a latrine or toilet.  So you kinda wonder....did Gilligan have to dig a new pit each week?  And what would have been used for toilet-paper?

2.  You often see mountains in the background of shots, but the opening shot is some small 100-acre-like isle.

3.  After a couple of months on the island, you would have been steadily losing weight....especially for the skipper.

4.  Clothing should have worn out after twelve months.

5.  Ginger must have brought three suitcases of make-up on the trip because she looks like some beauty queen in every shot.

6.  In the real world...Mary Ann and the Professor would have hooked up.

The thing just can't take the show that serious.