Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Gilligan's Island: My Reboot

There are a dozen shows from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s....that I'd like to see rebooted or done again today.  One of them is Gilligan's Island.

My reboot would go this way.  'Skipper' is a one-man airline exectutive and pilot.  He's put his life and savings into one single plane, and runs people around the Hawaiian islands.  Skipper drinks too much...curses continually....lives on the fringe of society. 

Skipper has one single employee...a happy-go-lucky young twenties female with the last name of Gilligan.  She's stretched her capabilities as far as you can go.  She claims to have a flying license but it's fake.  She also claims to have graduated from Harvard, but that's fake as well.  And she claimed to have made a movie with John Travolita but that's a lie as well.

Skipper and Gilligan are hired to take some passengers out to some island 600 miles southwest of Hawaii.  A storm arises....Skipper is drunk....and Gilligan is playing some video-game.  The aircraft shifts direction and flies an extra five hours, and then crashes onto an island in the Pacific.

The passengers?

You have an MIT professor, who got fired.  He was flying out to his last chance in life....some sea-exploration project. 

You have a washed-up TV star, who readily admits that she needs some second chance.

You have a female CEO from some TV shopping network who is abusive and a terror.  She's brought her husband, a safari-hunter-survivor-gourmet cook kind of guy along, who seems to be a lot like Higgin's (Mangnum) type character.

You have a young 20-year-old guy who aspires to be a Hemmingway-type writer, and basically tells the story a great deal from his prospective.

Finally, you have an honest-to-God 'snowflake' social justice-warrior female from Evergreen College in Washington.  She freaks out over the crash, the uncivilized lifestyle, and the survivor-attitude required.  Trigger-warnings occur on an hour-by-hour basis with her. 

The group lands on an atoll which has one single fresh water spring, approximately three-hundred acres of sand and palms, and one single hill that's about three-hundred feet in height.  The radio is out.  There's a wrecked vessel on one end of the island, with indications of a survivor but they never seem to be able to find the survivor.