Monday, 27 November 2017

McCain Wisdom (Limited)

There's an interview that John McCain gave Esquire Magazine recently, and he gave them this set of quotes:

"What's the f***ing point? 'Keep the fight up?" (referring to Hillary's book campaign)

"This is Hillary's problem right now: She doesn't have anything to do."

I sat and read the piece.  I'm not much of a McCain fan but on this issue.....he hit the nail precisely.

You've got a 70-year-old woman with just about nothing on her plate to do, and making these talking tours and explanation tours on her about the only real thing that she can do at this point.

Most magazines would have cleaned up the f*** word and used something less harsh, but then.....this is John McCain and likely the way he talks on a daily basis.

Since November of 2016, I've kinda viewed the Hillary 'waltz' as a dramatic piece and no real return on value.  If she were running again in might make sense to keep her name out there.  But she'd be close to 72 years old and is what I'd suggest as marginally healthy at this point now.

What does someone like do at this point?  They'd typically go and get some college professor duty arranged for a year, and write two or three books on regular politics (not why you lost).  On this....McCain had this clear moment of thinking and offered up some short but blunt wisdom.