Thursday, 30 November 2017


I noticed this got brought up today with Brown University in the news.

They've least for their graduate school application business.....that they will allow you the sign up and 'self-identify' as a person of color.

So, you could walk in on day one of the application business, and just state that you were Latino....when you were....well....just plain 'white'.

It appears so far, at least through this week....the college has tried to avoid discussion on this and some folks are a bit disturbed because they think the situation will be taken to some ridiculous lengths (like you claiming  to be Cherokee Indian, when you aren't an Indian).

The social justice crowd dumping onto the idea?  Well, you would expect that.

The problem I see is that as we move forward in this new era...if you tried to stop the self-identify effort....then you have to do a DNA test.  If a black guy showed up and applied, and you forced him through the DNA business....only to discover that he's 48-percent African, but 25-percent Bombay Indian, and maybe up to 16-percent do you handle the guy?  Is he African, or will you have to invent some whole new way of identifying folks?

After I finished up my DNA business, I kinda came to the conclusion that I'm white, English, French, Viking, Danish, Jewish, and sub-Saharan African (.5-percent).  I can still kinda claim 'white-status' but there is enough Danish or Nordic....that I might start to claim Viking-status.

The problem here is that a whole bunch of folks want to manage you and your 'self-identity' business. In their mind, you can't allow folks to just willy-nilly around and start claiming some status without approval.

Working-class folks will have a laugh because there's no real rhyme or reason to this type of game.  And you would continually wonder about this guy trying to supervise your status.....if he just didn't want you in the Viking-club, the African-program, or the Mexican-Latino program (unlike the Puerto Rican program). 

Then you'd have this one African-American guy who would let you know that he was six-percent Irish, and intended to claim his status as Irish....just to screw up the mess even more, and cause a number of the controller guys to get angry that he didn't pick the right identity in their mind.