Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Mr Kim's World

I noted in news this week that North Korea's Mr. Kim has made up a new decree.  He's unhappy with folks getting festive in the Christmas season, so the rule handed down is: no gatherings of people that involve alcohol and singing.

Now, you can sit and imagine this type of rule, and how things would typically work in the holiday season.  It's not Christmas....if you erase or prevent alcohol consumption and Christmas songs in the background.

Growing up in the south, and in a dry county....we typically survived without any alcohol consumption for the Christmas holidays.  It wasn't that big of a deal.

I suspect that Mr. Kim tries hard to avoid festive-like occasions and music...of any type....would generally lead to happy people.  Maybe he might add.....if there are gatherings, it ought to be limited to six people maximum within a twenty-foot circle.  That would help to lessen festive occasions.  And you might go and suggest no muffins or chocolate. 

My guess is that he'll have to set some example and find a dozen folks who need execution, and accuse them of singing Jingle Bells while consuming Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.