Saturday, 23 December 2017

2020 and Harris

Over the past two weeks, I've sat and probably watched at least 90 minutes of video clips of Democratic Senator Kamala Harris (California).  She's rated now as the most likely winner-candidate in the 2020 Presidential primary for the Democratic Party.

Her plus-up in selling the image to the public?  She's black, and a woman.  Beyond that?

Well, after watching the video clips, I would offer four observations.

1.  She comes across as a very direct and confrontational individual.  In a debate situation, she might be a heavy-weight, but her tactics might also come to label her as cantankerous and combative.  Neither of those two personality characteristics sell well in the south.  A happy charming personality?  No....that really doesn't come across. 

2.  Her background is lawyer, prosecutor and US Senator.  Knowledge in taxes, business, or jobs?  Zero. 

3.  The hurt here for the GOP is that 2018 and 2019 have to be big years on women's harassment.  For this Harris idea to work across the need constant harassment news in the press....365 days out of the year.....for two years straight.  It's hard to see people buying that slant on the news for that long of a period.

4.  Then there's this last problem.....she's from California.  Some people might see this as a major plus.  Some might see it as a major negative.  If anyone asks about how taxes stand or the public safety in won't be something that she can openly hype upon. 

One might hope that the Democratic Party has two or three other folks lined up, and allows a totally open primary (unlike 2016).