Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hillary and Oprah

With the hype in the past week over Oprah, and the suggestion that she'd run for's time to pull out the 2007 landscape and revisit some history that the news media rarely talks about.

In the mid-summer period of 2006....a Senator Barack Obama was discussing the idea of running for President.  Around Illinois, a number of parties were starting to envision this political run.  One of those folks was Oprah.

In September of 2006, Oprah came onto the Larry King Show, and endorsed Obama.  This was before his announcement, and she simply was resetting the stage to show another potential candidate instead of Hillary Clinton.  This is sixteen months prior to the primary season.

There in September of 2007....almost a year later, Oprah holds a fund-raiser for candidate Obama there in California....raising millions to help jump-start the primary campaign.  He needed the funding to push head in the first couple of primary states.

When the smoke cleared in the summer of 2008 with the Democratic Convention now center-stage....most political analysts figure that Oprah's endorsement, campaign talk, and fund-raising episodes....brought in a minimum of two-million extra votes for the primary period for candidate Obama.

In simple terms, Oprah reversed whatever advantages that Hillary had in this primary, and prevented her from reaching the Presidency in 2008. 

It's a curious episode in American history.  If you subtracted the Oprah help and campaign-funding....Obama likely never gets past the Convention, and ends up as a VP possibility at best. Hillary easily wins against McCain, and later in 2012 against Romney. 

No one really discussed this today or the impact of Oprah on the general public. 

The Oprah Dossier?

Things have picked up now and some folks are suggesting Oprah will be the Democratic player running for President in 2020.

This has brought up the topic (to a light-hearted discussion) of a Oprah dossier now being built by the Russians.

Yes....probably going in the range of a hundred to one-hundred-and-fifty pages....a dossier over all the juicy gossip that the National Enquirer and various gossip magazines published from the 1970s to now.  There's at least sixty photos showing thin Oprah, chunky Oprah, muscular Oprah, and fat Oprah.

The pay scale for such a dossier....compared against the millions that the GPS folks were paid?  I would imagine that you could buy a copy of the dossier for less than ten-thousand dollars. If the Enquirer folks were smart, they'd pull all of their material  and just market it for $25. 

The sad thing is that folks now have to worry about the Russians coming into their lives....getting the insider info, and selling it.