Thursday, 18 January 2018

The New Amazon HQ's

The list of cities on Amazon's search for headquarters number two?  They listed the cities today....the final twenty:   Atlanta, GA,  Austin, TX,  Boston, MA,  Chicago, IL,  Columbus, OH, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO Indianapolis, IN Los Angeles, CA,  Miami, FL,  Montgomery County, MD, Nashville, TN Newark, NJ, New York City, NY, Northern Virginia, VA, Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA,  Raleigh, NC Toronto, ON,  Washington D.C.

I looked at the list and just laughed over about ten of the names.

Chicago?  Murder capital of the US? 

LA?  It's not a technology-driven region and property would be outrageous.

Miami?  Real estate and pay issues would make this a no-go.

Montgomery County, MD, DC, Northern Virginia?  All of this represents high-cost real estate and would impact greatly on the pay-level you'd have to give out to employees.

NY City?  Why would go and sign up for the enormous pay-scale required?

Philly, Newark, Atlanta, and Boston?  All have a hefty real estate situation.

The three places which I would think would be ranked near number one?

1.  Nashville.  If you drove twelve miles outside of'd find tons of real estate with a reasonable price tag.  Toss in the interstate routes hitting the city, and the major airport as a positive.  Pleasant 365 days out of the year.

2.   Toronto.  Ok, weather sucks for four months out of the year.  But real estate would be reasonable and they've got a major airport.  The Canadian government would literally bend over backwards to get this as well.

3.  Finally, I come to Austin.  A premier airport, pleasant weather for the most part, and a major university nearby. 

The shocker to me is if they get crazy here and actually put this Washington, DC.  I can't imagine any idiot being this crazy and putting it there, but to be honest, none of the suggested name really excite me.