Friday, 19 January 2018

The Hillary Story

I sat and pondered over this story which came out of Newsweek this week.

Professor Lawrence Lessig said and readily suggested via an interview with Newsweek (an actual serious news magazine)....that Hillary Clinton could still become President.

How you ask? 

First, President Trump would be impeached.  Lessig skipped explaining how this impeachment would occur, how the House would come to charges situation, or how the Senate would vote this through.  Then this VP Pence guy would either resign (no explanation why) or get impeached as well (no explanation on that either).  Then Head of the House Ryan would move up and become President....making the decision to hire Hillary, then resigning from the Presidency (no explanation why he'd resign). 

I sat and pondered over this Lessig scenario, then I came to remember....oh yeah...this is the same Harvard that brought in President Bush and President Obama. 

He could have suggested that aliens landed....dragging away 99-percent of all political folks and only leaving Hillary.

Or Lessig could have suggested that a flu bug wiped out most of the DC leadership over six months and she just accidentally survived and got appointed into the job.

The problem here is that Newsweek has done yet another episode to prove their magazine to be worthless and marginal in terms of value.  Once the reporter realized the idiot scenario....he should have dropped the whole story and moved onto some 'wild apes in Borneo' or 'lusty women from Raufarhofn, Iceland' type of story.

All of this makes me ask the question.....are you really getting any kind of valued education while at Harvard?  In this case, I could have asked four barbers from Tulsa to comment on how Hillary could still be President and gotten the same valued answer as Lessig gave.  They would have given you a fair education for a $10 haircut, while the Professor's yearly tuition deal at Harvard would run around $63k.