Friday, 26 January 2018

Old Bones

I noticed that the BBC put up a science article today which discussed the idea or discovery that the remains have been found of some humans....who apparently left Africa thousands of years earlier than PhD folks ever imagined.

This new stuff? comes out of Israel and suggests that the guys left Africa around 185,000 years ago.  That's a plus-up of 80,000 on the previous estimate.

Basically, this leads the PhD to this one new conclusion....they will have to rewrite all this history stuff they dished out over the past forty years and suggest that human evolution occurred earlier.

I paused over all of this and spent a few moments pondering.

What this basically said was that 185,000 years ago....Larry and Marvin were standing there on the African plains, with their wives....Wanda and Marge.  It was a dark gloomy day in April.  The wives were complaining, talking about the sh**hole status of their local surroundings.  Larry noted that he felt they had reached sh**hole status at least ten years prior.  Marvin kinda was becoming a bigger sh**hole every single day.

So Larry and Marvin drew up this plan....that meant leaving the sh**hole.  The question was....where.  Marge just spoke up and pointed over toward the northeast and suggested the sun rose toward that direction....let's go there.

So the boys packed up their bags, and headed north.  Things went fine for three or four years, and then one night while sitting at a campfire in Israel....Larry got into an argument with Marvin over something that Marvin's wife (Wanda) had said....feeling insulted.  A fight ensued and Larry ended up dead.  Marvin, Wanda and Marge said some words over Larry's grave, and buried the guy....with these PhD guys finding the remains and writing up this big massive history change.  If there had been just some tombstone there, it would have noted Larry's role in leaving the sh**hole, and that he's mostly dead because of something that Wanda said. 

It's best we not read too much into these discoveries because it might reveal a bit too much of the story.