Monday, 29 January 2018

24-Million for Two Refrigerators?

It's a story which will be discussed widely.  Air Force One....the President's plane....has two refrigerator units which are failing.  The Air Force wants to replace the units.  The cost?  Twenty-four million for the two units.


First, size.  The units have to hold a massive number of dinners (with five total onboard), they are supposed to hold 3,000 dinners.  In case of a national emergency, the President and staff are supposed to be able to ride onboard for days at a time. So there has to be enough food sitting there and ready to go.

Second, the contract.  This contract specifies the company (Boeing) has to remove the two old units entirely, and install the two new ones.  I can only guess this part but I would assume that they get less than seventy-two hours to switch the two units out.

Third, service time.  The two original units?  They came with the aircraft when delivered in 1990, so they lasted 28 years.  One might assume that the two new ones will be there in 28 they prepare to retire the aircraft. 

Everyone will have a laugh and suggest this is a ridiculous price.  Go state the requirements and ask for a bid.  I doubt that you can beat the deal that Boeing offered.