Tuesday, 6 February 2018

A Question Over the Dossier

After you go and look at the various chats and journalistic effort to tell the story over the FUSION-GPS dossier on Trump, you come to this odd conclusion (at least on my part).

I suspect that various characters from the FBI, and both the GOP and Democrats....paid over and over to FUSION for the same basic dossier.

It might have been bought six times or more.  There's even a suggestion that the FBI may have paid for the document. 

This would bring me to ask the question....did anyone come to realize that they had copy #2, copy #3, etc?  I doubt it. 

Did McCain pay for his copy?  Most everyone avoids this question, and they simply go to the statement that McCain got a copy.  But to get the copy...the associate of McCain had to actually travel to Europe to get it.  That would make one ask the question....why make this trip....unless you had to transport some kind of payment device to hand FOCUS? 

You can imagine this big Congressional room, with a hundred folks standing there, and the reality suddenly hits them that they paid six times over for the stupid fake document.  Even the news folks would be embarrassed to admit this story.