Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Logical End Result of Russian Hacking

After hearing the term 'hacked' about a thousand times....I sat down and pondered over the entire story.  Frankly, it leads only to one single conclusion.

First, if Ivan hacked his way into various city, county or state servers....what exactly did he find or get into?

1.  A listing of voting sites.

2. A listing of poll watchers, their addresses, and phone numbers.

3.  Training roosters for the poll teams.

4.  The roster of active voters in that city or county.

5.  The list of absentee ballot individuals.

Second, from this list of five things....what's really of ZERO value?  Well, you can cross off the sites, the poll watchers, and the training rooster. The list of active voters?  You could manipulate this, delete names, or add names.  But then they'd have to vote to make a difference.

Third, finally come to the only device where the hacking would be a benefit....absentee voters. You get into that list....add three thousand names to some town, and have the bulk of these go to one single address, where Ivan #2 sits and waits.  He gets the absentee ballots and fills them all for the right candidate.

You and repeat this process in three-hundred communities, and create roughly one-million extra voters....who really don't exist but our system is so corrupted that we don't even realize it.

Fixing this?  You'd have to dissolve the bulk of absentee voters, make people actually show up, and go to voter ID.  The odds of this being accepted?  Zero.

So, if you are frustrated and angry....just get used to it. 

Explaining Universal Basic Income

Back in the 1800s, there were a number of experimental communities.....mostly all in the US (yeah, no one else was that stupid)....where these really wise PhD-level guys stood up and said that matter their walk of life or education, or craft, or enthusiasm.....ought to get one simple level of pay.  It wouldn't matter if you worked, or did part-time work, or pretended to work, or even just sat'd collect a basic allowance or income.

The natural tendency of the stupid people was to ask how this would be funded.  It's absolutely foolish to ever get entangled into the 'engine-aspects' of how this would be eternally funded.

In the past decade, it's been brought back up in Europe, and around some liberal circles in the US. 

So the idea is basically to create some level of the guy....and he will be eternally happy.  If you make more than the that get nothing.  If you get less than the get paid something.  If you make get full substance.

The general problem with this concept is that you'd introduce it and out of a thousand folks in some community....four of them will be loafer-types....unwilling to work or contribute.  Because of the effort of 996....this won't be a problem. It'll be accepted.

Days, weeks and months will pass.....then you find that there are twelve loafer-types..  The financial wize now does the math and says it's not much of a problem, but you can't go past twenty-one loafers.

Weeks pass, and now you have twenty-four loafers, and the money guy is a bit nervous.  So you suggest to the whole group of a thousand.....the substance-level has to decrease, or you all have to work more. 

Now some folks get disgruntled.  It's not fair.  And in a short amount of've got sixty folks all hyped up over the loafers, and the substance cut. 

Things start to get unstable when you hit one-hundred-and-sixty people now frustrated and angry. 

The problem with this whole universal basic income idea is that it just looks good on paper.  In real life, it's like owning a distillery and letting employees sit output all day long. 

Are You Affected?

I noticed this brought up today via the Columbia Business School....a new study that suggests that man-made global warming, could alter people’s personalities.

After reading the Watts Up With That blog commentary (usually geeks and PhD level folks)....I sat and pondered over this.

Could it be that this global warming thing has already affected us....triggering us to vote for Trump, or against Hillary?

Could it be affecting my brother and causing him to get into French literature, California-bottled water, and hippy-clothing choices (like Redwing boots)? 

Could it be affecting folks enough to be anti-NFL?

Could it be affecting folks to drink light-beer more than regular beer?

Could it affect folks and their ability to focus?  If you sat and watched nine hours of news yesterday, and you only remember four lines of text today....could that be the result of global warming?

Are you eating less often at McDonalds because of global warming?

Is there a difference between global warming effect and global cooling effect?  Could you be flipping from one extreme to the other? 

Yeah, on the list of 1,000 things that I tend to worry about....this probably moved up to number 898 on the list....just behind NCAA football bowl manipulation. 

The truth is....I'd like to get one of these jobs with think-tanks and just write fake studies-reports on global warming.