Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The End of NPR and PBS?

If you dig around the news of the day, involving President Trump...there's this ten-line piece appearing which suggests that the administration will cut funding to NPR/PBS over a two-year period.....to nothing.

Course, NPR and PBS both stood up and said there would be a fight.

My guess is that Trump is going to force the Democrats to negotiate over this deal greatly, and there's going to be some 25-percent cut that will be forced down upon PBS and NPR.  In fact, I would take some wild guess here that he's going to ask which of the two should survive...forcing them to fight each other.

Back in the 1980s....NPR had a wide and varied landscape.  News and politics in the first couple of years didn't amount to more than three or four hours a day.  There was culture and a fair amount of non-news. By the 1990s.....the non-news had disappeared. 

PBS?  There might be reason to retain the child education business, but the rest of this is of marginal value. 

The entertaining thing here....will be to watch as NPR and PBS put up this fight.