Monday, 2 April 2018

Election Thoughts

The Alabama governor's race is coming up in approximately eight months.  For the GOP, it's basically down to Huntsville's mayor (Battle) against current Governor Kay Ivey, with three additional players hoping to prevent a 50-plus percent win by Ivey or Battle....meaning a 2nd primary has to occur.

For the Democrats, it's mostly a one-person race (Tuscaloosa mayor.....Walt Maddox), with Sue Bell Cobb likely taking 25-percent of the vote, and the rest of the 'players' maybe reaching the ten-percent point combined. 

In the end, I think it'll be a Battle versus Maddox race.....mayor versus mayor.  Maddox would typically have some heavyweight plus-up because of his tornado-period and decent leadership.  But in this case....if you go and measure everything that Battle has done around Huntsville over the'd end up referring to him as some kind of 'giant', and for decades to come....folks might discuss the achievements in this decade. 

The end for Maddox?  No.  I think he might come up to primary against Senator Doug Jones, and potentially dump Jones as the 2020 Senate candidate for the Democrats.