Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Cohen Story

Over last week, I read with interest with topic of Special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly (he never says it himself....just the insider journalists say this) that evidence exists that President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, made a secret trip to Prague during 2016 to a face-to-face meeting with some secret Russian guy.

The slant of the story?  That Cohen flew from California to Germany, then went across the border to Prague. 

Cohen?  He has a story which puts him on that weekend in LA.  Passport stamp for Germany or Czech to fit the timeline?  It apparently doesn't says Cohen.

Having made this trip on forty-odd occasions, there are issues to this rumor.

First, if you fly into Germany from any US will transit the border patrol point....have your passport scanned (recorded) and stamped. 

Second, if you flew from the US into a country like Cyprus or Greece, the odds are that you will be scanned on your passport, but it's not one-hundred percent.  But the Mueller story doesn't suggest Greece or Cyprus.

Third, why fly this Germany route?  There just aren't any direct US flights into Prague. In this case, you'd likely fly from LA to Munich.  Both United and Lufthansa have such flights.  Getting a rental and driving from Munich to Prague?  It's about four hours driving.  Course, you fly (45 minute flight).

Fourth, if you typically go stay in most European hotels (the better type).....they will want to register your passport or some form of ID. 

Fifth, there's this odd factor of secondary passports.  There are a dozen countries in the world where you can walk in and buy 'citizenship' of some sort, and get a passport.  Albania used to have a passport-citizenship deal that you could buy into.  Maybe Mueller has some data to show a second passport existing with Cohen.  Maybe Cohen used passport number two to enter Germany, and then went to use his US passport when registering with a hotel in Prague. 

Sixth, and come to this odd feature of the story.  There are dozens of Micheal Cohens existing.  Lets say one did fly into Frankfurt, and was noted in Prague seven days later.  Is that the real Micheal Cohen, or a second Cohen? 

Even when you get to the end of this story.....can you establish that Cohen was there and actually met with a Russian?  On that, it's just about impossible to prove the point.